Apr. 11th, 2010

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So, last night I went out with friends and family for a big birthday celebration in the city. After I'd finished work, I drove over to the other side off the city to have dinner at Yak bar. It's a very funky little bar/restaurant with some awesome food, and it was wonderful to be see everyone and have some time to catch up. I especially recommend the Tapas menu, the halloumi and the chorizo especially are top-notch! For Desert, we had [personal profile] erinkyan's delicious, delicious cupcakes, and yes, they were seriously awesome.

After that, we went and met up with the rest of the night's party (16 of us in all! Never have I had in my hand so many tickets!) and saw Tripod vs The Dragon at the Forum. Firstly, I echo the sentiments of a couple of other people - It was fantastic to actually be able to go inside the Forum and look around the place. I've been past the place so many times, I'd always been curious as to the inside of the place, and it's a beautiful venue. Secondly, I loved the show, the gags were wonderful and insightful, the use of the overhead projector was really, really fun, and frankly, most of the way through the show I was thinking "You know, I've been in roleplaying games like this. Except this one is really fun to watch!"

About the only thing in the show that let it down a little was the songs - I was bored through a few of them, and I don't think many of the songs were up to Tripod's usual humorous fare. I do not, however, lump Elana Stone's songs into that assessment, because even though they were typically serious songs, I don't think you could be bored when Elana Stone sings. She is fucking awesome. Also, she looks for all the world like [livejournal.com profile] happypea. Seriously. Especially in that red dress. I ended up going to the merch stand and grabbing me the CDs, because I think I found new awesome music here.

Despite that, I strongly recommend the show to everyone - geek or otherwise, as the show is extremely accessible, and then gets better if you've ever roleplayed with dice. Also, I recommend viewing their Official webpage at the moment, mostly because they've D&D-ified the place and it's kinda fun to catch all the jokes in there!

After that, a group of us headed down to 1806 on Exhibition st, and I think most people know that it's one of my favourite cocktail bars in the city, with the best menu I've ever seen. We got to sit and chat, and I enjoyed a very delicious Mitch Martini, while the rest of the group enjoyed their own delicious cocktails. All up, it was a wonderful night, and I'd like to thank everyone who turned up for whatever part of it they turned up for, It's definitely the best birthday celebration I've had for quite some time!

In other news, it's my actual birthday today. 26 years of consecutive life! Hooray!


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