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So, with my whole moving out, it seems that Prince St needs a new housemate. In the interests of being a nice person, I thought it only fair that I shout out to everyone on my friends-list to see if anyone is interested.

Here are the details. The Place is 18 Prince St, Clayton. As you can see, it's extremely close to the university, as well as close to both Clayton and Huntingdale station (It's Zone 1 all the way into the city, or Zone 2 all the way out of the city :D). The room that will be vacated is exceptionally spacious (my queen-sized bed fits with an absurd amount of space left over). The housemates are neat, kind and curteous, with a resident cat.

But of course, the big selling point is the price - $136.96/fortnight. That's for rent and bills! Perfect for those who have been thinking about moving out but weren't sure they could afford it.

Feel free to contact me on kirby1024 AT gmail DOT com DOT au and I will be happy to forward details to you :)
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For those of you who may be interested, [ profile] pfhsblog is now available on LJ. He's got some quite interesting ideas and an amusing perspective on things, so I highly recommend him myself...
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A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was tired of not catching up with other people's blogs because I couldn't be bothered actually surfing to their website, as opposed to leaving my Friends page. Tragic, yes. But also fixable!

As such, I got myself a paid account for a couple of months, for the explicit purpose of putting a few people's blogs through syndication.

So! For those Kornerites who are interested, the following feeds lead directly to Kornerite blogs (thus, you can view them on your friends list! Neat!). These feeds were set up a week ago, so the big sudden rush of entries should be way down your friends list by now, if it's even around anymore.
  • [ profile] pollymorgan - self explanatory, really. Site: (quick note: it seems that the RSS feed that this is based on is giving LJ's parsers a headache, so a request has been sent to change the feed's source to the atom feed instead.)
  • [ profile] jenniespalette - Jennie Rosenbaum's art blog. I'm not sure if it's her personal blog, I'm also not sure if her personal blog happens to have an RSS feed...

If people have any other syndications they want thrown onto LJ, feel free to comment below, as I've got a good while left of paid time that I'm more than happy to use getting feeds for others. At the very least, I'd be interested in hearing about other non-LJ kornerite blogs, so I can see them too!

Edit: [ profile] damien_wise has noted to me that I should probably ask these people before brazenly throwing their blogs around LJ. So... I may retract my initial offer of brazenly throwing other kornerite's blogs on LJ syndication... at least until I can check whether it's okay to do so.
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Just a reminder to all and sundry that my housewarming is nigh! Nigh as in this weekend-nigh!

Details can be found in this entry. If it turns out that you cannot actually see this friends-locked post, and feel that you probably should be able to see it, do make sure to post down here so I can add you on. I'd hate to lose potential partygoers due to something so poorly as me forgetting to throw you on my LJ-friends list...


Feb. 21st, 2006 12:34 pm
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I moved out.

In retrospect, I probably should have mentioned this on my livejournal some time ago. To be honest, With all the other stuff going on, it kinda slipped my LJ attention. But, I am officially moved out of home, into [ profile] littlesir's house. Even paid my first month's rent and everything.

This should be interesting.
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I got tired of waiting for the letter from the Arts faculty, so I decided to try more... unorthodox measures. I went into Monash's Web Enrolment System, to see if I had an Honours course attached yet.

I did. :)
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I've been curious for some time about the geek communities of Australia, in particular the university geek communities, being one myself. So, I have created a new community, dedicated to connecting the disparate geek groups throughout Australia. It's full name is Australia University Geeks, but I'm happy to christen it [ profile] ausunigeeks. Those who are interested, please feel perfectly free to join. Let's see how big this thing can grow!
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[ profile] fireflyfaery is current in another part of Nova Scotia, staying with some old neighbors of hers. They unfortunately have outdated browser software, and as a result, [ profile] fireflyfaery cannot access Livejournal. As such, I will try to keep people reasonably up-to-date as to what's happening on her end.

Also, on another note, the same situation means that [ profile] fireflyfaery cannot access her gmail. People should use her yahoo mail if they have it.

That is all.


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