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Deiludum has been in something of a slowdown the past few months (probably because of uni and stuff). And then one of the last active people posted a message about Deiludum on and I got 84 clickthroughs. In one day. I don't normally get that many click throughs in two months!

So, yeah, a whole bunch of new people joined. Is cool. You should join to. Enjoy the addiction...
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My website uses AWstats, which is this lovely script that converts all those dreary website logs into wonderful looking charts and tables. I've started to quite look forward to 1:30pm each day when My AWstats page updates for the previous day.

But, ya know, it may just be me. It could just be that it's my website, and I'm kinda proud of how it tells me that people visit it.
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Well, the world changes, and another LJ post becomes inevitable...

Think I did rather well. Even my Operating Systems exam, which I felt woefully underprepared for, wasn't too bad after all. I'm confident I'll pass, and I'm confident I may do better than that even. My other subjects, I was always pretty confident with, but I don't think I did anything horribly bad on them.

Well, Scanning's finished for another year, and I'm jobless until scanning starts again in January. Which means I have to go and find work. Which is a pain.

Web Projects
Deiludum seems to be chugging along slowly, but consistently, which is a blessing I guess. I'm still finding it really dirty to advertise the place...

I think there's something horribly, horribly wrong. Well, maybe just wrong. See, I know I'm stressed (and everyone around me seems to know it too), and usually it would be good that I know this, because it would mean that I could button off a bunch of stuff. But frankly, I don't know what's stressing me, and that's really scary. Don't people usually have at least an inkling of what's troubling them? I mean, I can rationally pick a few things that could be it (Honours, Exams, Joblessness, Relationships, etc), but I can't figure out what's which and how much. This doesn't seem right - you'd think that if you're stressed, you'd know what was stressing you, right? Right?
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Well, where shall I begin? It has been a while...

Went well. Enjoyed myself just about every session, had some brilliant players. Definitely should run more comedy games, especially with people who don't take them seriously. I have ideas for other games, but they can wait, for the moment.

One more Assignment to go - My Literacy Research Essay. I'm doing a student-defined subject, Attitudes towards chatspeak in forumspeak communities. The Forumspeak community I'm using for this assignment as a case study is The data is collected, I just need to spend time going through it and writing the damn thing.

I've outdone myself this time in the Procrastination stakes. A while back I considered the possibilities of Wiki roleplaying, and I came up with a neat idea - imagine if the world you're roleplaying in has the same rules as a wiki - that you could change or create anything, even stuff that wasn't yours, and that everyone else could do it to.

Well, the website is now live. Deiludum is now avaliable for general perusal. I had intended to spend a bit more time building a more solid starting point for people, but I'm much better at building on other people's ideas than coming up with idea all on my lonesome. Come one, come all. The more procrastination the better, I always say...

Paid Work
As much as I think German is funky, I'm not fond of having to edit it, especially considering I don't know the language. The paper was in English - pretty much all the references were in German...

All done by week 2. Was hoping for a bit more study time, but I'm sure I can work on this...

That's about all that's fitting into my head at the moment. Until next time...


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