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So, after the recent Dreamwidth invite code release, I now find myself with 11 Dreamwidth invite codes. So, obviously, anyone who wants one is more than welcome to ask! Same general rules apply, same as the rest of code giveaways - Friends before Friends of Friends, Friends of Friends before Random Strangers. If in doubt, post and ask - the worst I can do is say no! :)
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For those of you who may have been waiting for things to quieten down before looking around Dreamwidth, I still have a single, shiny DW invite that I can offer people, for anyone who is interested. Standard disclaimers apply - Friends have precedence over Friends of Friends, Friends of Friends have precedence over Strangers, but feel free to ask, you never know!
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In the event that there's anyone on my friends list that wants to have a go on Dreamwidth, I hereby let it be known that I have 5 invite codes currently outstanding.

As per usual, If I don't know you, you can feel free to ask, but people I do know get first dibs, followed by people who know people I know (so if you don't need a code, but know someone who does, send them my way!). Comment here and I will get the invite code to you in any way I know how! :)
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So, I've been given two more Dreamwidth codes. Once again, anyone who wants one, sing out! I'm giving preference to those on my friends list, or friends of those on my friends list first, before I give them out to random strangers.
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So, with the Dreamwidth Open Beta now online, I find myself with four Invite Codes to the site. Anyone looking for one?

Edit: As a quick proviso note, I'm giving preference to people on my friendslist who want codes, or possibly friends of friends (tell me if you are, so I know). If you're not on my friendslist, it don't mean you won't get one, but I'll be waiting a bit to see if any other friends bite before I start giving them to people I don't know. Just for the FYI of the visitors! :)

Edit: Aaand that's it for now, they're all gone. If/when I acquire new codes, I will let people know!
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On Sunday I had my big Birthday party at Alma Park, and it was indeed awesome. The start of the party had me a bit worried about the cloud cover, but it cleared up nicely.

I had lots of fun with lots of people, ate lots of food and had big, ginormous cake of DOOM! I'm glad I picked the playground I did, because everyone got right into the spirit of things, jumping up and down on the play equipment, running around like giddy kids. I even gave [ profile] metal_dog a high-speed piggy back! We had a lot of people regress back to children, and I for one enjoyed it immensely!

Alas, the high-speed piggy-back failed big-time, as I lost balance and went careening into the ground, and sprained my arm. Ouch. Meant I had my arm in a sling for the rest of the party, and while it didn't stop me from enjoying everyone's company, I was very annoyed at the fact that I hadn't managed to play on the flying fox before I was injured. Yes, that's the thing that annoyed me most. Not the pain, not the fact that I'd rendered my arm functionally useless for any of it's real purposes, but the fact that I couldn't play on any of the playground equipment anymore. Figures.

Once the party finished (the fact that I was happy to wait until the end of the party just shows that it wasn't at all a big deal) we went to the Alfred Emergency to get the arm looked at, just to make sure that there was no major damage. Just as a brief note, Why has noone told me how awesome modern X-ray machines are these days? I watched the X-Ray machine fold out into it's little table, and I was just standing there, totally geeking out, and also a little terrified, in that way when you see big robots doing their stuff for the first time, so you don't quite know whether or not it's coming for you. Once it folded out I actually yelled out "THAT WAS AWESOME!". Because it was.

As you'd expect, the emergency people said "It's a sprain, use it as little as possible, it'll be fine in a couple of days, take bandages and sling." So, I've been hanging around [ profile] not_in_denial's place for the last couple of days, and he has been taking care of me. Which has brought a few feelings to the surface, which I'll probably post about later today, I think.

As a few people have pointed out "It's the sign of a great party when there's a trip to Emergency afterwards!" - Which I'm not sure I agree with, but it was a hell of an awesome party!

In other unrelated news, I apparently won the Dreamwidth OpenID lottery, and I now have a Dreamwidth account. I was actually planning on paying for one a month or two after open beta, once it shook down a little, but I'm happy to play around with it now. When I'm able, I'll probably import everything from my LJ over there, and start anew, and just crosspost from dreamwidth instead, since I'm liking how it's shaping up. It's looking quite good, all things considered.


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