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Nerd Assertiveness and Insensitivity to Privilege (from [personal profile] erinkyan's Google Reader, from Sociological Images, which everyone needs to read, seriously. Awesome blog.)

In other news, I am getting so very, very bored of this whole unemployment thing. It's starting to really get to me. I've been actively looking for work for the last month, and while I'm getting interviews, I'm not getting anywhere. I've only now started the process of getting Centrelink payments, because I was so certain that I would be able to get another job by now. But things are slowly crawling away from me. I'm running out of money, and thus running out of time, and I just really wish I could find a job somewhere, but the world is rather rudely pointing out how lucky I was the last few jobs I got. It's not like I'm not qualified for the jobs I keep applying for, but I'm just not getting a lot of bites.

Still, not much I can do but keep looking, I s'pose. Unless anyone has any better suggestions, anyway.
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I have mentioned to a couple of people that one resource that I always felt was missing in the blogosphere was a blog about men and masculinities, written by men, from a feminist viewpoint. It turns out that there was one all along, and that I had just never seen it.

XY Online (RSS)

It's actually astonishingly close to what I'd call my "perfect resource" - full of resources about masculinity and men all around the world, from worldwide perspectives... this one's definitely going on my google reader. It's apparently looking for submissions from people, as it's recently had a reboot. I am very tempted to contribute, but then I'd have to actually write something of contributable quality on the subject matter!

I do know a few people on my flist who, I'm sure, would be interested in the resource ([personal profile] radicalyffe, I'm looking at you!), and I'd strongly recommend anyone who is curious have a look - it's quite good!


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