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I've probably plugged this before, but I might as well do it again.

Read Hitherby Dragons!

Rebecca Borgstrom, the author who wrote Nobilis, Exalted: The Fair Folk, and many other cool things, has for quite some time run a "webcomic without pictures". It's so very, very cool, and the best part is that LJ has a syndicated feed to it:

[ profile] hitherbydragons

If you feel you haven't got your daily dose of weird, then don't fret. Hitherby Dragons can help! Among the comments found in a simple letters page:

It is problematic to accept Creationism partway. That said, I assume that begatting is optimized for evolution in a way that sex isn’t---it’s practically supercharged with the potential for favorable mutation! That’s why Methuselah lived for so long, David could sling a stone at mach 4, and Onan had a special third eye that shot lasers.

Among other fun ideas that have popped up include Care Bare Noir, The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Magical Girl style, Weather report ninjas, and some fun ideas about Canada.

Read through! find fun stuff! Support the artist and all that! Or, just read the weird stuff!
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So, I ask ye, those who have braved the worst horrors that the world has ever known, how willing are ye to experience the horror of the worst RPG ever?

Cut to ensure that innocent people do not suffer. Click at your own peril, for if you continue, you shall deserve all that comes to you! )

Now, I am not one to shy from horrible scenes. I have seen and lost no sanity, I have seen tubgirl and lemon party, and lived to tell the tale. I have even seen the Star Wars Holiday Special, and lived to tell the tale. Alas, I even have a copy of that special, to... persuade people that no, it's not worth seeing. I have scoured the internet, I have braved the worst that the internet has to offer, from furry art with... disproportionate appendages, to horribly, horribly written fan-fiction, to the greatest bigots of the internet, and I am here, hardened but sane.

But even I am unwilling to read even the sampler. On the plus side, the thread on the game was perhaps one of the more amusing things I've read in the past week.

So maybe I exagerrate. But I'm still not reading that damn thing...


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