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If we had to be fair, this update is probably unnecessary if you've been reading the Twitter Updates or on Facebook (And there's been a few - I was a busy little twitterer while I was in Adelaide...). Still, I figured it was probably worth a few words to fill in the gaps.

Monday was the trip over with the family. Not a great number of highlights, probably the big highlight was at the Horsham McDonalds when I met my cousin Paula's children for the first time in a while (a while enough that the oldest one didn't remember me...). It's a bit sad when I think about it, since my cousin and family now live in Melbourne, and it turns out that I saw them more outside Melbourne than within. Still, nice to meet the little ones!

We ended up getting to Adelaide about 6:00pm to my Nanna's and Grampa's place. I hadn't actually seen my grandparents for a very long time. My Grampa has finally retired from his barber shop, and this was such massive news that it made newspaper headlines. I'm actually not kidding - the local newspaper ran a front-cover piece about my Grampa's barber shop closing down. (He'd been in the paper previously for foiling a robbery, and since his shop had been there for 40-50 years, his shop was considered part of the fabric of a place or something). My Nanna was well-pleased with this, but not so pleased that my Grampa was getting ready to set up a salon in Nanna's place. It was great to talk to them, I forgot how much I missed them until I'd seen them again!

Tuesday I ended up going to Tea Tree Plaza with my parents, mostly to get random things like a cheap pair of sunglasses (since I forgot them when I left). Also, ended up with two new pairs of shoes, which was handy :)

Then went to Aaron's place. In the end, I spent most of my nights there (for which I thank Aaron and Emma quite extensively for :)). It was so great to spend time with Aaron, considering that we hadn't actually seen each other for almost two years! The first day we mostly just chatted (and went to Tea Tree Plaza again so he could get Emma gifts), but it's one of those things that when me and Aaron get together we really do nothing else much but talk - and I never tire of it. We're quite different these days, but we have very similar personalities. :)

Wednesday I spent walking around the Adelaide CBD, as is my habit. I'd thankfully done all my shopping before I went to Adelaide, but [ profile] not_in_denial had jokingly asked me to buy some Gor novels for him, since the last Gor novels I got were from there too. [ profile] not_in_denial, of course, deserved the Gor novel I bought him. Took me two second hand bookstores to find them, which was good because I wouldn't have run for a third. Not for Gor novels.

I then went looking around Adelaide's CBD sex stores to cleanse myself after purchasing the novels, and came to the conclusion that Adelaide's sex stores are really awesome. So much awesome stuff that I would never be able to find in Melbourne. Mostly, I suspect, because Adelaide sex stores don't specialise - they purchase heaps of awesome stuff, some of which doesn't quite sell, so they have the most random, awesome old stuff. Also, the "big" sex store in Adelaide often imports from Europe rather than look for local manufacturers, so there's a bunch of stuff (like, for example, a leather bodybag, from Germany, apparently. I'd so have gotten it too if it hadn't been $600...).

That night, I went to the Thalbourne Christmas, which was a nice sit-down affair. I ended up getting a "bitch" mug, which will be proudly placed in my kitchen for all to see. It was actually a very good night, and it was good to see all the Thalbournes again. Also, my Uncle Bryan's housemate is really good value. Absolutely brilliant wit.

Thursday was spent at my Aunt's place doing the Davis Christmas. It was a great deal more enjoyable than I had expected. The food was delicious, everyone was nicely chilled and enjoying each other without drama, it was a really great day, honestly. My swag included hilarious t-shirt, a stab-mixer (a really cool one!), and a Pick-up-line Magnetic poetry kit. Which will be absolutely brilliant when I put it up on my fridge. I ended up getting a whole lot of photos there, because my Aunt's house is so incredibly pretty, but alas, I do not have the photos to show people, since my flash card decided to die on the way home, so I have to wait for my Nanna to send me the backup CD. I got to see some more of my cousins that I never see. I also got to play with my cousin's Wii, which has even more firmly convinced me that I indeed need a Wii. If only I had the money... :(

In Adelaide, Boxing Day is actually a public holiday in which there is nothing open. So, Boxing day was mostly me and Aaron spending the day chatting and watching DVDs. Which was good, since I have now watched some of Outlaw Star, The Lost Boys, Night Watch and Mirrormask, which has greatly improved my film-cred. Maybe. At the very least, I don't have to sound lost when these movies come up now! Also, got to introduce Aaron to the fun that is LoadingReadyRun, and also introduced him to xkcd (He's not a particularly internetty geek, but I think I showed him some good stuff...). It was a nice, good, relaxing day, honestly, and I'm kinda glad for it, all things considered. We (predictably) also talked about so much, including love, relationships, friends, addiction, etc. We talked so much in between all the watching, and it was awesome.

Saturday was the last day before we went home, so I decided to spend it in the CBD again, after saying goodbye to Aaron and Emma. I actually ended up not doing much, despite it technically being the boxing day sales in Adelaide. I looked around for a bit, didn't see much worth buying, then went home to my Nanna's place, where I got to see my cousin Paula and her family, and also my Cousin Suzie, who again I never see, ever. Got to spend a day chatting and talking with everyone, actually interacting with my family.

It's kinda odd, really - I keep saying that family is really important to me, but then I don't seem to keep in particularly regular contact with them. And it's not because I hate them or anything, far from it. I just... have so much stuff in my life that I don't get to talk to my family much at all. If anything, the trip to Adelaide was good because I got to see everyone, many of whom I hadn't seen in at least two years, often longer.

Sunday was, once again, a car trip home. We ended up going via one of my parent's friends, who has an extremely friendly doggy and a very large house (although I guess, when you're buying a house near not Adelaide, but Murray Bridge, you can get a lot for not much, I guess. I ended up getting a bit drunk, since he offered me a glass of wine, and I'd only really had a couple of pieces of toast for lunch. I kinda felt a bit fifth-wheelish, seeing as I didn't really know him that well, and it was mostly my parents reminiscing. Still, spent a good hour, then we all decided that it was time to actually head on our way.

Like the trip up, not a great deal of actual stops. We did stop in Bordertown where we went to a nice little bakery (which apparently wasn't as great as the last time my parent stopped there, but other than that most of the other stops were just driver-change stops. I finally got home at about 10:00ish, after which I pretty much immediately called [ profile] not_in_denial and ordered significant huggles.

And thus ends to story of my Trip to Adelaide. Other stuff has happened since. I will report on it later :)
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Thanks everyone who made it to my Games day on Saturday, I had a blast! I hope everyone else did too! It ended up being reasonably small, which was cool because there was just a large enough group of people that we could play all the big games, without there being so many as to split up groups. Worked rather well, all up. Thanks for [ profile] hikaizer, [ profile] nervous_neuron, [ profile] not_in_denial, [ profile] tacomonkey, [ profile] surreal_angela, [ profile] cheshire_bitten, [ profile] iosef, [ profile] virtual_olav, PFH, Bec, and Spike for coming down at various points to play!

The Sunday was mostly me working on packing. You see, [ profile] not_in_denial and a few of his friends were heading down to Wilson's Promontory for a week of camping down there. So, I decided to head down for a day or so, since other things needed to be focused on as well. The Sunday started a little late, thus by the time we got to the Prom, everything was quite dark (getting tents set up in the dark was quite interesting, I can tell you!) But after setting up we talked right into the night, which was all pretty awesome. Apparently, after we both went to bed a wombat broke into our tent and tried to grab some of our supplies, but impressively neither of us noticed a thing. I suspect the both of us could probably sleep through a holocaust!

Monday, of course, I was able to better appreciate the beautiful place I was around. I'm not generally much of a camping boy, but man the place sure is beautiful out there. Me and [ profile] not_in_denial went for a walk down Tidal River to Oberon Bay, which was all quite spectacular. I got to see some kookaburras (as they were swooping down on me, don't get me wrong, but I've never actually seen one in real life...), as well as some really beautiful crimson rosellas. My god, those birds were absolutely beautiful, I think I fell in love with them. I also got to see some possums, but of course I've seen more than a few of them, so that wasn't so spectacular.

I had intended to Vline it back to Melbourne on the Monday, but that was quite horribly nixed when I discovered that the one bus out of the area (which left not from the Prom, but from the closest towns), left before 8am. So, I was forced to spend another night with my boyfriend. Big shame!

Today, of course, ended up a little better, as I hitched a lift back to Melbourne with a couple of [ profile] not_in_denial's friends who had to leave early. So, obviously, I'm back now in the arms of civilisation. Today I've mostly been unwinding, trying to maintain the feeling of relaxation I got at the Prom before I start work again tomorrow, and work completely obliterates any notion of relaxation from my mind.

You know, I so wish I had a digital camera, so I could record some of these moments...


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