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So, for the next few days, [personal profile] erinkyan is out of the state, caring for a friend, and so I've been home alone. After discovering that despite my cool new computer case having better fans, it's still not good enough to really play, say, Starcraft all day without the Graphics card moving past 95C on a day like this.

So... I realised that [personal profile] erinkyan had often lamented that his room is constantly messy and full of crap. After a quick call to make sure it was alright, I decided to actually get his room into gear.

I have since unpacked 2 boxes, consolidated a whole bunch of CDs into a single box, organised his bedside drawers, moved a whole bunch of wooden slats out into the garage, unpacked and hung a whole lot of clothes, moved a bunch of sheets and blankets into the linen closet, found several missing remotes, found one of my pairs of missing glasses (of which I'm still not actually sure how they migrated into one of [personal profile] erinkyan's bags), found out where all the tweezers had gone to, cleaned up a whole lot of rubbish, changed the sheets, applied several extension leads to provide power to the TV and DVD players of which I'd now found the remotes for, collated all his arts supplies, moved a whole lot of disused boxes into the top storage section of his wardrobe, vacuumed the floor and made sure all his rope was properly wrapped up and put away.

It was totally awesome. So, how clean is my room?

Well, if I have to be totally frank, I haven't really started on my room yet...
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So, a few months ago I started advertising for housemates, and more recently I actually acquired a stable set of housemates and began searching for somewhere new to live.

So this weekend, me and [ profile] metal_dog were running (or cycling as the case may be) around various bits of melbourne househunting. Yesterday and today we were clamouring about to send documents to real estate agents.

About an hour or so ago, I was informed that we'd picked up a nice little 3 bedroom apartment in St Kilda East, just off Carlisle St. For cheap.

When things move, they move fast!
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So, with my whole moving out, it seems that Prince St needs a new housemate. In the interests of being a nice person, I thought it only fair that I shout out to everyone on my friends-list to see if anyone is interested.

Here are the details. The Place is 18 Prince St, Clayton. As you can see, it's extremely close to the university, as well as close to both Clayton and Huntingdale station (It's Zone 1 all the way into the city, or Zone 2 all the way out of the city :D). The room that will be vacated is exceptionally spacious (my queen-sized bed fits with an absurd amount of space left over). The housemates are neat, kind and curteous, with a resident cat.

But of course, the big selling point is the price - $136.96/fortnight. That's for rent and bills! Perfect for those who have been thinking about moving out but weren't sure they could afford it.

Feel free to contact me on kirby1024 AT gmail DOT com DOT au and I will be happy to forward details to you :)
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Yesterday I applied for a unit in St Kilda East, because I'd finally picked up enough money to move out properly. I'd got [ profile] being_bec to scout out the Unit for me and talk to the Real Estate Rep there, and I faxed in the application later that afternoon after scrounging up whatever ID my wallet and Internet could afford me. I got a call last night telling me that they'd recieved my application and they'd inform me about a decision tomorrow.

Last night I was over at [ profile] not_in_denial's place, and I was saying that, you know, I wasn't too worried if they rejected me, There was another unit I'd applied for, and you know this kind of market, I wouldn't be surprised if I got rejected a lot. Maybe I'd find a place within a month, and [ profile] not_in_denial laughed and said how obvious it was that I'd just started house-hunting, since I still had optimism in my voice.

So, the real estate agent just called me up. I got the unit. I got a unit on the very first application I sent.
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So, the last couple of weeks or so have been extraordinarily interesting times for me.

I've been intending to get out of my Call Centre job for quite some time, having got thoroughly sick of it months ago. I'd recently got a tip from [ profile] jaquiej about a job at her work, and I decided to apply. During my trip to Canberra with Erin, The job actually called back, and after the phone interview, I managed to get a final interview.

This encouraged me to provide my Call Centre with my two weeks notice the monday I got back, since the only issue they seemed to have was with the two weeks notice. So, got that out of the way, and the interview got arranged for monday the next week. As it turned out, I didn't get that job (which was a little unfortunate), but they called back seeing if I was interested in another job. They scheduled an interview for Wednesday, which I duly attended, and aced the hell out of the interview. After glowing references from at least [ profile] nquisitor, They offered me the job today. So, on Monday, I start my new job as Resource Centre attendant at Carrick Institute of Education. Which was good, since today was my last day at UCMS!

Also during this period, [ profile] not_in_denial and [ profile] being_bec discovered that the person living across the hall to them was moving out shortly, and their apartment was going to become available shortly. This got my mind cogitating, and I've been considering applying for the apartment, seeing as it's not on the market yet and I could get an easy in if I was lucky. I decided to postpone the position until I knew for certain I got the job, and now that I do, I'm definitely going for it. So, impressive feat number two - I'm moving into my own flat (hopefully).

Of course, today, while highly exuberant, has also been unfortunate. Over the last few days, [ profile] not_in_denial has been quite sick and in quite a lot of pain. It hadn't been getting better, and today it was apparently agonising, so [ profile] being_bec took him to the hospital. When I found out about it I naturally got distraught and my Team Leader let me skip the rest of the day, and I raced to the Alfred where he was being treated. I've just gotten back from being with him. The good news is that it looks like [ profile] not_in_denial will be fine - the doctors think it's probably flu + Urinary tract infection + CFS/ME all interacting to form massive amounts of pain. He's been on fluids and antibiotics, and he seems to be responding reasonably well. He's staying overnight for observation, and the doctor seems to think that he'll be able to be released tomorrow.

But, understandably, I've kinda been a bit fragile today. I've barely been holding it together. It was really not fun watching [ profile] not_in_denial in so much pain, and watching the doctors put him in even more pain from attempts to find veins and take blood pressure. Also, you know, my boyfriend is sick enough to be in hospital, and obviously that freaks me out, especially considering his past history.

At the moment I think I'm keeping my tears under lock and key - I've nearly lost it a few times, but I haven't felt like I can let it out just yet, not while I was still around Erin. No doubt it's going to flood out at some point, but it looks like right now is apparently not it. At the very least, I hope the tears are kind enough to let me drive home without issue, since I really need to go home and get some sleep (I'm writing this from [ profile] not_in_denial's place), and I'd rather not tear up while I'm on the roads.

So yeah, that's been my day today. Now, I think, it's time for me to log out and go home.


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