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So, me and Erin have been househunting for a good month or so. There's been a lot of houses seen, a lot of Real Estate Agents strangely really liking the two of us, but still not being able to convert to actual places, which has been a little frustrating.

But, that's come to an end. Yesterday, we got approved for a house. And it's not just any house. It's a modern, beautiful house. A house with a garage with inside access, a house with air-con and heating, a house with a huge dining/living/kitchen area... It's the kind of house you look at and go "Man, this house is way too awesome for us to be able to get it".

And we got it. Oh sure, we had to match someone else's upbid on the rent. But this place? Totally worth it. And today, I go to the bank to buy the bank cheque for the bond, and get the money for first month's rent. We sign the leases, get everything out the way, and it's ours. For the next 12 months at least. But I'm so totally cool with that. The best part? It's about 5 minutes away from my current place. Still in Zone 1. Still accessible with the same bus even!

It's going to be an awesome house, and I cannot wait to get the stress of moving out the way so we can actually enjoy the house.


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