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So, I'm still looking for players for the Lexicon I was talking about previously. If anyone's kinda looking at it, going "It seems fun, but I'd never be able to do that", I'll happily point out that the game is not supposed to be anything to do with building a masterpiece - it's about getting your writing gear out there and writing! It's a chance to be inspired by everyone else, and bounce of everyone else's ideas, which is a whole lot more fun than you'd think!

Even if you're looking at the schedule and going "But I was gonna do NaNoWriMo this year", think of it as a pleasant writing-based procrastination that has a limited timespan (you're only writing once a week!)

If you have looked and decided "Sorry it's not for me", that's cool, and I apologise for the spamming. I won't try to persuade you guys, and you can just ignore any other Lexicon posts from me.

Also, you know, if you know anyone else who might be interested, or any groups that might have people who'd be interested in playing, I'm happy to let you plug my game to them (or you can tell me, and I'll plug it to them). Really. I don't mind at all! Please?
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So, previously I made a statement that I wanted to keep prompting myself to write creatively, and so, I decided to start a game of Lexicon.

It's been some time since the last Lexicon game, and I admit, part of that was slackness.
But I loved the last game - writing is so much more fun when you can bounce off everyone else. But! I have now actually sat down for an afternoon and managed to come up with a decent new prompt that will hopefully be a little more accessible this time (so those who interested last time but didn't feel confident messing with history should feel a bit more comfortable this time). This time, it's the Unicode Gamma Lexicon!. The Prompt?

In the early 1990s, a brand new television show premiered. Unicode Gamma was a great foray into the television market, and was sent internationally on a brave mission to earn it's creators money. Alas, Unicode Gamma was a television show of it's time, a show with no real attempt to connect to a general audience, and thus, lasted only a season. That didn't deter the fans (as it never does), and a thriving community of Unicode Gamma fans continue to watch and enjoy this real slice of early 90s television.

And now, after over 15 years of living in obscurity, it's fans derided by others, and the fan community warped and twisted by years of disappointment and drama, the very first GammaCon has been organised and unleashed, and a (depressingly small) group of fans have come together to remember and reminisce about a show that only they care about.

Apart from a name, and a fanbase, We know absolutely nothing about this show, so, it could end up being about just about anything.

If anyone's interested in joining up for a game of Lexicon, you just need to put your name down on the player's list here, and then get your first entry (starting with A, B or C) written and submitted by the 10/10/2009 (though I'll accept entries up to the 13th). Also, I'd prefer that you contact me (through whatever medium you can) so I have a few forms of contact so I can remind people about turns and such. You don't need to write much, just 100 words a week is the minimum.

Come on! You know it'll be fun! :)
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One of the undocumented perks of using barely documented software you've never used before for is that you keep discovering interesting things about it. Some things I've discovered today about LionWiki:

1) Since any plugins you download with it are on by default, I've had File Upload abilities on my wiki since I started it. As it turns out, the Upload function is very basic, and thus entirely unsecure. So while I was checking out my AWstats page, I discovered some interesting file requests, checked them out, and discovered that people had been uploading scripts on my file server. One delete-fest later, that problem's fixed, and I've disabled the Upload plugin.

2) Lionwiki apparently has a very simple RSS feed attached to it, which just diffs every change made to the wiki. Mine has now been added to my Greader, so I know when people post to my wiki.

You'd think these things'd appear in the documentation, but it's harder to find than you'd think!
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Those of you who were at all interested in joining in on the Lexicon game I'm starting up, just a reminder that the first turn ends on Friday, so you'll need to have your entries posted up by then if you're going to play.

Here's a direct link to the Lexicon's central page. Please don't be shy about joining! Don't think you have to be a good writer, or have to be overly witty, or anything like that - the point of the game is to practice some creativity in a nice, relaxed atmosphere - And, you know, have some fun while you're at it!
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So, since [personal profile] erinkyan is sick, and I have time before the 11:45 doctor's appointment I'm driving him to, I've got the Lexicon Wiki open:

Lee's Lexicon Wiki is open for business!

The first Lexicon is the Broken History Lexicon, and the first entry (written by yours truly) is APEX. For everyone who's interested in joining up, the only thing you need to do to sign up is get your first entry up on the wiki by next Friday (10/7/2009). While my entry is fairly serious, feel free to be wildly silly with this prompt. Take whatever you know of history, scramble it, add some cheese then fry it with vigour - that's all this prompt is about. I just didn't have the silly vibe in me this morning.

Oh! Also, if anyone has friends who might also be interested in signing up, feel free to point them this way - The more people involved the better, I always say! There's no need to sign up on the wiki, since there's no usernames at all involved, and at the moment, I've not put a password on the wiki. This game is open to anyone who wants to play! If you just want to watch, that's fine too - but I can't guarantee it'll be as fun as playing!


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