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It was my birthday yesterday!

A busy day, although not a great deal happenned. I woke up to my fantastic boy [ profile] not_in_denial, after he had given a few gifts to me early the night before (and no, you don't get to know what those were ;) ) After a wonderful morning with him, [ profile] tacomonkey and [ profile] hanshin arrived to give me even more presents! Yay! They ended up giving me a set of glow poi, which is awesome, because now I can twirl prettily without fire hazard! They also gave me a few smaller presents, like a windup computer goddess, some Jesus pencil-toppers, and some super-strong manly mints!. Then we headed off to Chadstone, mostly so that [ profile] tacomonkey and [ profile] hanshin could do some shopping at Chadstone, but I decided to go because my parent's had given me some David Jones vouchers, and so I decided to (unsuccessfully, as it turns out) try to spend them. David Jones, it seems, has a very lacklustre range of anything that isn't clothes, and their men's clothes are seriously dull for the price!

After that afternoon was spent, I headed down to my parent's place to have my family birthday extravaganza! My parents had previously bought me a new webcam (which, by the way, is completely and totally awesome, and so much cooler than the 7-year-old webcam I had previously), so that present was already set up in my room. But my brothers! Ah, they know me so well. My little brother got me Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on DVD, which is so fantastically cool, and my older brother got me Battlestar Galactica! So cool! My Aunt Rox was even around as well, as she'd been at a conference that week in Melbourne, so that was a cool surprise too!

We headed out to the Dragon Boat at Knox for dinner, and the food as always was fantastically cool (though the staff seemed a little on-edge for the night for some reason). We then headed back for fantastic cake, and our traditional happy birthday song (which, believe me, we are so going to put up on youtube when we can, because it's something that must be seen to believed!).

So, yeah, fantastic birthday all around! Thanks everyone who sent me birthday wishes!
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Sometimes you just have an epiphany. One moment in your life when you suddenly come to the understanding that all those things you've been putting off in your life for whatever reason shouldn't have been put off.

I'm not good at starting new things. I have a tendency to "think about it", which actually means that I'm not going to think about it overly much, and just let it lie in my head until it's too late to do anything about it. It's something that's started to irritate me quite a bit, that I've had all these grand plans which I never even start on, let alone drop.

Yesterday, it occured to me that it does not have to be this way. That I don't have to "think about it". To be honest, some of the best things in my life happenned because I chose not to think about it and forge on regardless. As such, I've decided that I'm going to start doing all those things that I'd been holding off for one reason or another. It's long past time for some changes in my life.

Yesterday, I picked up my fire-twirling stick and started up again. Today, I picked it up again. It's been so long since I've done any fire twirling that I'd really forgotten how good it feels. I'd always wanted to get better at fire twirling, but always put it off for one reason or another, or got dejected because of a slight set-back and just put it on the backburner. It's probably not quite as good as going to the gym, but by god, it still feels good to go out in the backyard and just spin and twirl for a while. I plan to do at least an hour of practice each day, to not give up each time I drop the stick.

In the next few days, I'm going to talk to my Mum and actually dye my hair silver like I said I've been going to for the past few months. There's no need to delay it - I can start right now! I had planned to wait until Masque ball, and do it then, but frankly, I'm doing it permanent, which is a sign that I'm not just doing this for a costume concept - I want to do it for real. And so, I'm going to do it, for real.

The last two are not exactly what caused the epiphany, they're more direct effects of it. But I'm tired of "thinking about it". It's time for a few changes in my life, and why not now?
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First off, I'd like to send big, massive Merry Christmas vibes to all my readers. I hope your christmas was indeed jolly and funky.

For the Christmas haul, I ended up getting a new DVD player (one which is actually multiregion and is DivX-capable! Hooray!), which came bundled with a set-top box, as well as getting the Serenity DVD, 3rd Rock From The Sun Season 2, Cake's Fashion Nugget CD, and many other excellent gifts.

It was a very cold day today, hailing multiple times. While many in the Northern Hemisphere will note that cold is christmas, here it was a quite amusing situation, since usually we're dealing with 30C degree heat. Though, personally, I feel that We got all the bad parts of it being cold, without the magical snow thang. Ah well. It was all good.

Other highlights of the day:

  • My younger brother, Nick, scored himself a 30GB iPod for christmas. So, of course, I naturally spent a good chunk of this morning helping him set it up. His iPod now has the entirety of Family Guy on it, thanks to me bringing around some useful software. Also, he now has Pac-Man on his iPod, thanks to moi purchasing an iTunes gift card for his Christmas present...

  • My mum brought the Connect-4 board out again, so me and Mat (my older brother) naturally spent a good hour playing against each other. This time it was mildly pleasing for me, mostly because I was actually winning some of the time, unlike normally when Mat is constantly winning. And, as it turns out, he's not the best loser...

  • Spent a bit of time ooohing over my family's computer. It's even so spiffy and shiny, far more so than my own box...

  • Have now booked the flight to Adelaide to go to my best friend's wedding. I now officially leave on the 5th of January, and will be arriving back here on the 14th. My parents have graciously let me use their frequent flyer points, so I don't have to actually pay to get there. yay! They're also heading down as well, but they'll be leaving a day earlier than I, and leaving after the weekend.

Alas, I miss [ profile] proxyryan a little. I can't wait until I get to see him again...

Edit: [ profile] proxyryan called me! I'm happy now! Best Present Ever!


Nov. 16th, 2006 01:44 pm
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I went to get money out this morning to get a bus ticket (as I'll need it for the weekend), and the bank told me I had not sufficient funds for it. Which was odd, because I thought I still had $60 in the bank.

After checking my statements, it seems that whoever's handling credit payments for my psych is not handling them well. I'm out $90 due to redundant payments, possibly more.

I called the psych centre today to enquire about the redundant payments, apparently I'm not alone in this. Hopefully this will all be sorted tomorrow. It had better be sorted out tomorrow. Or I may well be breaking the non-violence rules at that centre.

Still, that's $90 that I could really be using right now. I had hoped that I wouldn't need to dig more cash out of savings to survive until Wednesday, but clearly, not much choice on the matter right now...

Edit: Goddamn, it's worse than I thought. There's at least $150 worth of redundant payments over the past three months, that for some reason I just didn't catch.

Edit the Second: Well, okay, it's not as bad as I thought. It turns out that the visa payments are made quite irregularly by the Psych Centre, so every few weeks there's a bunch of payments processed on the same day. Which, of course, can wreak hell on my bank account, and looks oddly like a bunch of identical, redundant payments. After going through everything, it looks like I'm only out $30, rather than the $150 that it appeared. That is, however, still unacceptable!
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A couple of weekends back I was at [ profile] cheshire_bitten's party (which was utterly fantastic by the way), where [ profile] not_in_denial had the face paint out. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, I sat down and told him to "go nuts".

The calculated risk paid off handsomely, and I managed to get a really cool tribal-tattoo-ish sortof thing. I thought it looked pretty damn cool, so naturally, I demanded (and took myself) photos of the picture.

Digital photos, of course, need no developing, but due to apparent comedy of errors, I've only just got the photos back. Check 'em out!

Photos cut for bandwith... )

Of course, when it came to taking the face-paint off... Well, there were these sponges, you see. Sponges for taking off paint. That, apparently had been announced during the night, were for taking of paint off walls not skin. Me clearly not listening meant that I used these sponges for taking the paint off my face. I will say that it was excellent for taking off the paint. And skin.

The results of my stupidity... )

Hmm. Next time I shall ask for a facecloth...

And before people ask, yes, I have turned a couple of these shots into userpics, as the userpic of this entry shows...
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I called Lara, just then.

Just picking up the phone and talking to her was that difficult. But, apparently, the silence was killing her, so I finally bit the bullet and actually called her.

And so we talked. I had a letter, in a sealed, addressed and stamped envelope, that I was going to mail to her tomorrow. I wasn't sure that I had anything better to say, so I opened the envelope and read her the letter. I told her why I'd left, and why I hadn't been talking to her. About how I never seemed to be able to talk to her.

It seems that I'd misread a lot of Lara's LJ entries (as people are wont to do). And that running away from Lara this morning meant that I missed out on icecream. And that Lara didn't want to run away from me, that she wanted to stay friends, even if we couldn't stay lovers.

Lara said that I'd pretty clearly been beating myself up, and that it wasn't healthy for me to want to beat myself up. That I needed to take care of myself. That as much as it hurt, that she didn't blame me, and that just because the relationship didn't work out, that didn't mean I wasn't a bad person.

I'm not going to say that I'm "over it", like Lara says she is. What I did was a big thing, to me at least. Even if Lara's over it, I'm not sure I can do that in less than a week. I can't just put it all behind me, even if Lara's okay with me having done it. I just don't work that way. Considering that I was crying through most of the conversation, and that I was crying for sometime afterwards, I think I still need to work through this.

I'm going to remove my Not-Lara filter at this point, I don't think I need to hide from her anymore.
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I'm going to make this quick, because frankly, I'm not sure how much I want to talk about it.

What's going about the grapevine is true. Me and [ profile] fireflyfaery have split up. We split up Wednesday morning. I think, but am not certain, that it was I who initiated the break-up, but according to others that's debatable.

To note, I have no ill-will towards [ profile] fireflyfaery, and it is not anything in particular that she has done that has caused this. But I felt that I was doing nothing but hurting [ profile] fireflyfaery while I stayed, and that this was going to kill me if it didn't stop.

This has been friends-locked so that [ profile] fireflyfaery can't see it, and the reason for this is because I want to give her as much space as she needs. I have also disabled comments on this entry. For those who really need more details, you can try talking to me in person (but I reserve the right to refuse to give details), because I do not intend to talk any further about this in a public forum, for both my sake and [ profile] fireflyfaery's.
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Montclair (my household) has been given 60 days notice. Apparently they're intending to demolish the house.


Jan. 20th, 2006 03:06 pm
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I forgot my counselor's appointment today. The one I made sure I had written up on my whiteboard so I couldn't possibly forget it.

Now it's scheduled for tuesday arvo. I cannot believe I just forgot this.


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