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In Docklands, there was this cool little playground just off New Quay, and while I was at the Docklands Campus I decided to pay it a little visit. And this is what I saw:

A Sad Sight Indeed )

Made me a sad panda.

New Icon!

Oct. 14th, 2008 09:29 am
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[ profile] not_in_denial took this photo of me a few weeks ago. I dunno... something about it really intrigued me. Also, I've been annoyed by the lack of icons of RL me (rather than kirby me, of which I have plenty). So... finally got around to making the photo into an avatar!
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So, I've been realising how little I've been posting in LJ, figured I'd quickly rectify that, considering there's been a few big events in the last couple of weeks.

Wedding Weekend!
So, A couple of weekends ago, I had the privelige of going to two weddings in one weekend! It was extremely exciting.

First wedding was Hannah and [ profile] littlesir's wedding on Saturday night, which quite frankly was absolutely beautiful and brilliant. I'm proud of myself - I didn't cry, although I was close to it at the start of the ceremony. I got called up as a signer for the marriage certificate, which I was quite happy about. There was group singing, a beautiful piece by [ profile] minxdragon,Hannah's father was the priest... It was honestly the most beautiful and celebratory wedding I have ever been too, and you could just feel it through the entire wedding. You could tell that every step of the wedding was specially chosen to say exactly what they wanted to say. It was a wonderful, fantastic night.

The Sunday was [ profile] nquisitor and Edmund's wedding, which was a registry office affair, the first registry office wedding I'd ever been too. I have to admit, totally different character to the previous night's wedding, and much more traditional, although just watching the couple, I have to say it's quite clear they made the right choice - you can see the total love in their eyes. Quite spectacular. Also, the Registry offices are so incredibly pretty! I had no idea!

Masquerade Ball!
Last weekend, I went to the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball with [ profile] not_in_denial, [ profile] being_bec and [ profile] laza_burns. We got all dressed up (even bought myself a proper dinner shirt and all), got me a blue & gold mask, basically topped ourselves up to the nines. Alas, no photos, but watch this space - hopefully I'll get a few from some of the other photographers that were around.

To be honest though, the night was not all that impressive, truth be told. We'd all gone expecting a real ball. I mean, the venue was top-notch, and the decorations were really quite good at evoking a great atmosphere... That then got brutally stabbed repeatedly by the music. The music turned what would have been a lovely, classy night out into what was basically a costume party, and really spoiled what we'd wanted to be there for.

There were some good live acts (although the first violin/dance act was absolutely appalling, and went on for what must have been at least 20 minutes or so), including Wendy Rule, who actually did a bit to build up a bit of atmosphere, but the selection of music otherwise was a whole bunch of 80s hits and geek anthems - which is fantastic at a geek party, but was not what I was expecting from a Masquerade Ball. I would have even appreciated more appearances of the Labyrinth soundtrack - but even then, I heard one track for the 4-5 hours I was there.

Still, wasn't a total loss - During Wendy Rule's set I got to dance with [ profile] not_in_denial, which is the first time ever I've got to dance with him, and to be honest that really made my night. I got that whole romantic looking into his eyes, the whole room vanishing, everything. God I love him. So very, very much.

Also, got the number of an extremely cute art piece boy. I mean, walking around topless in devil body paint (apparently he was one of the art exhibits in the art competition - number 50 if I recall)... just did something for me. Must remember to call him tonight...

Gym Time!
I finally bit the bullet and set myself up at the gym near my work. This morning, in theory anyway, should have been my first session, but that does not appear to have happenned, since I forgot my shoes and my gym shirt. Ah well, better luck tomorrow, I guess!

I'm actually looking forward to it - I quite liked gymming when I was at Monash, I'm sad that I let it lapse (but then, Phone Monkeying did not allow for easy gymming, what with a lack of schedule and all.

Cute Fishies!
In other news, Harry and Larry (the goldfish at work) are choosing today to be especially cute. See?!

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Well, as it turns out, the water wasn't done quite yet - See, high tide hadn't quite reached it's peak yet, and when you get exceptionally high tides... Well, the drains back up. And Up. And Up. So, by the time I got out to lunch, the building next to us was trapped by the water. So, what could I do? I got my camera and took more photos, that's what!

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Jul. 1st, 2008 12:11 pm
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We had a slight, umm, drainage malfunction outside our building. So, we have a spot of flooding outside our building. Amazingly, I actually had my camera with me at the time! Awesome! So, I get to show everyone!

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I've suddenly (well, by "suddenly" I mean "recently") realised that there are a very large number of people who haven't seen me for quite a few months, maybe not even seen me for a year or so. And of course, there are people on my friends list who have joined from Internet Land who have never seen a picture of me. This, I consider blatantly unacceptable. Also, I'm starting to realise exactly how many of my friends keep going "Hey Lee! I barely recognise you!" Also, I am really, really bored at work, and I at least have my phone with me, so...

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And now, I present to you a rarity indeed - a picture of both me and [ profile] not_in_denial:

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