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So, I follow Mike Stuchbery on twitter, and he's been trying to help his civics students get into politics a little bit more, get engaged in the process. In particular, he's set up a blog for his students called Aussie Democrazy, as well as setting up a Twitter and Facebook. Now, I know that a few of you are happily into politics, and I'm sure a few of you would be happy to help a few kids get engaged with politics, so here's your chance! In particular, they're asking a few public questions to give the kids some insight into why we find politics so interesting. Also, they're trying to convince a few politicians and political journalists to do some interviews with the Democrazy kids.

Honestly, it's a fantastic idea. We keep despairing at how people aren't engaged with politics anymore, that we don't have people who really care about the process. Well, here's someone who's doing something about it! Using the power of social media to help students find a reason to be passionate about politics. I would have loved something like this at my school. I definitely recommend people have a look at their work, it's fantastic!
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So yes, I'm obviously pleased as punch that the cards have lined up just so in order to stop the government from continuing with the Clean Feed.

But I have one, teensy little question.

Why, pray tell, did it have to take an unholy alliance of Liberals and Greens and Xenophon to put this thing down?

The government's own feasibility reports showed that in order to do what the government wanted, it would have to slow down Internet access in Australia by an absurd amount, and even then wouldn't even kill the main distribution channels by which the offending material gets shared on.

But they kept going on regardless.

No poll on the Clean feed from anyone showed a majority of Australians supported it. Huge swaths of child-rights groups, censorship groups, technology groups, citizens groups and other special interest groups were yelling at the government that they were doing it wrong.

But they kept going on regardless.

At every single step, the government was told "This Is Wrong, It Will Not Work, Don't Do This", and yet at every step they kept going.

What. The. Hell.


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