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It's funny what you find looking back on your LJ. Considering the trials and tribulations I've been through the past while, it's interesting to see the antecedents of what happenned prior. The post linked to above was written just after New Years, when I had decided to stay with [ profile] fireflyfaery rather than break up with her. It was originally set to Private, seeing as I wasn't really sure whether I wanted people to see what was happenning then. Of course, so much has happenned since then, that I've switched it over to Friends-only instead.

It seems odd, to look at me then, and to look at me now, with all the things that have happenned in between. As sucktacular as the last few months have been, I think that I've become someone better for it all. I've discovered a well of courage I didn't know existed, and a flood of friendship I'm not entirely sure I was expecting. I've had so much help from those around me, and I've found that with that help, I've learned to be stronger in myself. I'm discovering that I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was ever capable of doing.

For the first time in a while, I think I'm feeling confident about my future. There are still things that need addressing, it's not like I'm over the events of the last few months, and I'm still not sure how these things will play out by the end. But I think I have the strength to deal with these things, however they end up manifesting.

And knowing that makes so much of a difference.


May. 10th, 2006 03:11 pm
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Hooray! Our home internet is back after a 1 week suspension!

Hooray! My computer no longer randomly freezes on me, especially when I try and view C:!

Hooray! This means I can start installing all those games I couldn't install before!

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There are issues currently in my life, this I don't deny. But, I try hard not to angst. Regardless, there are issues that are better dealt with by telling everyone about them, so I made a deal with myself. The good and the bad will share equal space in this journal. Bad to the left of me, the Good to the right.

Placed behind cut due to it likely being rather large and ungainly. Do feel free to click through though... )
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Well, it's been a while since updating. I guess I should probably get people up to date with what's happening in my life.

  • Exam-wise, I have my last exam tomorrow. I'm currently at 1 exam I think I did abyssmally (CSE2304, Algorithms and Data Structures), 1 exam I think I aced complete (PHL1010, First-Year Philosophy), and the final one tomorrow that in theory I should be fine with, but am a little nervous nonetheless (LIN3190, History and Sociolinguistics of English). The nervousness I think is due to the fact that it's what I want to go forth and study - it is what I want to be. I want to do so well that they'll have to take me as an Honours student!

  • Lara is currently feeling sick. I spent the weekend nursing her back to health. She's currently working, and will be working again tomorrow. In theory we're supposed to go out tomorrow and celebrate end of exams, but I'm not sure how Lara will hold up. I'm not sure she should even be working when she's as sick as she is.

  • 11 Days until deadline for Unicon blurb. Have it planned, but have as of yet not managed to write it up and send it forth.

  • Adventure! Uber-game is currently on mid-semester break. This is fortunate - left the game on a brilliant high, me and [ profile] warragul are going to need some time to figure out how where we go from here.

  • SVGA is running a Darkzone Laser hunt. Read through to find out more.

  • Me and Lara are going to Adelaide! We'll be leaving this Sunday, and will not be making it back until the Sunday afterwards. I have arrange stuff with my grandmother, whom I'll be staying with. If any ex-Adelaiders would like me to pick up anything while I'm down there, now is the time to ask...

  • I came home today to find that my mum had rearranged my room. Biggest shock I've had this week. It now looks the way my room used to look before the last room shift, except reversed. I told mum the other way didn't work...

  • I have been feeling so incredibly tired. I look forward to examination's end.
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On my birthday, I decided that, due to the Commonwealth Bank not liking me and refusing to give me a Debit Card, I'd open up a new bank account at a Bank Account that actually understands that a Visa Debit Card doesn't require them to borrow money to me.

That bank happens to be St. George. I'm liking their service so far, They've got nice bank branches, the staff are kind and curteous, if slightly underskilled, they have very good student options, etc. The new card came very quickly, and after I got all the bits and pieces for the card, I've been happy with it. Have, in fact, even used it to purchase a roleplaying book off the web - a book called Capes, that's only available on the web.

My only issue at the moment is the Internet Banking side. It looks wonderful, but the fact that I not only have to remember a password but a "security number" is a slight drop in pleasure from using the account. The fact that I'm on dial-up and it's a Java system is also detracting a little.

On the other hand, I can shop on the internet, and not worry about a credit-card bill. I can handle the Internet Banking for the freedom to buy the stuff I really want over the internet. All up, I can highly recommend to people St. George. They're actually pretty decent...


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