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I thus present to people me being tickled by my boyfriend. Not really because I want people to see it, but even I see how hilarious it is, and who am I to prevent my friends from enjoying a good laugh?


Dec. 9th, 2006 12:41 pm
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It appears that the Public Transport Journey Planner at Viclink has been improved significantly. How funky! Now I can type in exact addresses, and it will automagically figure out travel patterns for me! It was already pretty good before (in that it linked bus stops to the system), but now I can literally just type in where I am and where I want to go and it'll do all the thinking for me! It even makes up PDF maps of the transit journey, links to maps of the various legs of the journey, it can even do turn-by-turn instruction on the walking legs!

It's so very spiffy. Don't ask me why I'm so excited about this, I'm not entirely sure I know myself. Now, if only I could get this database onto my iPod, so I could look it up on the run...
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First of all, courtesy of my good friend [ profile] nquisitor:

Parliamentary Question Time Fashion Report. Good stuff.

Second of all, I absolutely had to repeat this line from [ profile] languagelog:

People don't seem to understand that vocabulary-size counting is to language as penis-length measurement is to sexiness.

Thirdly, I must state that Cake rules. I think I have decided that they have a number of perfectly composed songs, that are pretty close to pieces of musical art. I cannot help but be in awe of their musical divinity.

That is all.


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