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I must admit, I do love the mind of Kevan sometimes. He's the guy that did Urban Dead, the Web-based Zombie Apocalypse game.

This one's a bit more interesting. Live in a share house? Like roleplaying? Have chores to do?

Why not combine the two with Chore Wars?

It looks kinda cool. I almost wish I still lived in a share household so I could use it...
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So, it's probably worth another update.

For those of you not keeping up with [ profile] not_in_denial's LJ, I'm happy to report that he's out of hospital, in fact has been for quite some time. By the end of his 5-day stay, The doctors were pretty sure it was a Urinary Tract Infection that had spread to his kidneys, which combined with the CFS and fibro. He's back at home on a course of antibiotics, slowly recovering.

So, as for me...

Well, I'm settling in pretty quickly to my job at Carrick, My job, it seems, is mostly being Resource Centre Attendant, which comprises mostly of accepting printer credit from students, resetting passwords, occasionally selling the odd textbook or two, and even more occaisionally going to student's computers and fixing problems for them. All in all, it's a pretty uninteresting job, but I'm enjoy it - There's basically no stress to speak of which is quite good for me, I think.

The last week or so has actually been very quiet at the Resource Centre, so I've been quite bored as it stands. This of course has set my brain cogitating, and reawakening my desires for roleplaying, so I've started going through some old haunts, and joining some new games. It's been fun, actually -I'm remembering why I love roleplaying so!
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TV1 is showing Get Smart in the early evening now. Of course, they weren't when I was writing my Get Smart game were they? Nooo....
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Well, In my quest to remain reasonably current on my LJ, I thought I'd provide a brief note on Conquest.

  • Friday we arrived. I'd said to Mel and Rohan that I'd help GM their game Advanced Inhumation, which really was the reason why I was there in the first place (I don't usually frequent Conquest). We did the Rego thang, and I got the first session off, seeing as the writers really needed to do their stuff before I got near the plot. So, I walked around, watched the Diplomacy tournament that was going on (note to self: Diplomacy is not a spectator sport). Walked down to the canteen, and found out that part of the basement had been converted into a MilSims store. Yep, MilSims didn't have a stall, they had a store down there. It was scary, it really was.

    The Friday Night I was scheduled to run the Night session, Mel decided to go up and help me. I had to admit, we had a fantastic George, ("KEBAB!"). I loved it.

  • Saturday, Me and Rohan had a break for the morning sessions, so we slept in, and Mel did the sessions :)

    After that, I played the only game I was going to play that con, Kyle and Scott's Roadtrip. Very excellent game, but I think I got into the first session more than the second. Being a God inside the Machine has it's advantages.

    For the Night Session, I played in the Trivia Night. Not particularly a crash-hot Trivia Night. Maybe if I'd been born twenty years earlier... Apparently, [ profile] warragul has volunteered to run the Conquest Trivia Night next year. Poor dear. She already does the Trivia Night at Unicon.

    Needless to say, my table sucked. Just to give you an appreciation, Of all the categories, we did the best in Sport. Yes, Sport.

  • Sunday I helped GM the two Morning sessions. Well, OK, I went to help Rohan with the first Morning session, realised that Rohan really didn't need me, so I went around doing stuff. This may have been a mistake. A cute little 6-year-old girl down on the basement level was being all cute and trying to roar like a lion. So I roared back at her. She then decided that I was fun, and I spent the rest of the Sunday being hunted by her. The first twenty minutes of playing with her was fun, but I'm out of shape, and after that I was exhausted. I ended up using my very long legs and the windy passageways to get away from her. [ profile] ib_stormcaller then decided to help her hunt me...

    Also during the Morning, my mobile phone reminded me that it was my Brother's birthday that day. Ouch. Completely forgot about it until my phone reminded me about it.

    The first Afternoon session we were completely booked out, so I had no choice but to wing it on my own. Didn't do too bad, they all enjoyed it (and I'm fairly certain they're all reading this...). After that, I headed off so I could see my brother for his birthday. Ended up being picked up on the way to friends of my parents (and friends of my brothers), and had a good time in front of the firebin. I also got Easter chocolate. Despite the fact I only got two bunnies and two medium eggs, I still think I got too much chocolate...

  • Monday was probably the easiest of the days, and a good thing too. I played the second session of Road Trip, then we spent the last game running Advanced Inhumation for Colin Jacobs, Andy Smith, eccles and Ian. Beautiful, sheer beauty. Watching eccles's face as Andy and Colin went through stupidity after stupidity was just wonderful. Sorry eccles, but it had to be said...

    Then awards ceremony, (not particularly special), then dinner. Alex Loke booked out the top of a chinese restaurant, but I don't think they were expecting quite so many of us. Naturally, there was chaos. Sheer, unadulterated, chaos. Still, when the food did come, I ate merrily and happily.

    After that, went to Alex's Post-post-con party, actually met someone off one of my Mailing lists, which was cool. Apparently he's hoping to run a Nobilis freeform, which'll be cool, because then I can play in it :)

And, yeah, that was my weekend. I'm sure others will post their impressions shortly. The network shall provide thee with other, amusing anecdotes!
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Well, it's been a while, so I figured I should probably make an effort and try to start updating again.

It's been over a month; I ain't even going to try to recap the last month. These are various things that have happenned in the past month, that I can remember, that may be newsworthy.

* [ profile] fireflyfaeryis still in Canada. I miss her so. Last time I talked to her, on Monday, she was headed off to Jasper for a few days. But those reading Lara's LJ will probably know that already.

* Start of the month was the SVGA's first attempt at a major event. Dubbed O-LAN, it was our attempt to have a small LAN weekend, and get some money. Probably due to a lack of advertising, and poor weather, we unfortunately lost money on the event. Ah well, next time someone else will be handling it.

* It's official - come next AGM, I'm not going to be SVGA's President. This is my third term as President, and I think I need to let go, and let someone else lead the club. I'm certain there will be some people willing to lead the club. I'm confident that I've done my bit to ensure the club will survive.

* University has started up. I need to relearn my discipline. I intend to do this.

* MURP has started. I managed to convince [ profile] warragul to co-GM a multi-party Adventure! game with me (Adventure! being a pulp-style game). Currently, we've finished the first official session, having decided to throw everyone at the climax of their "last" adventure (which I had written up beforehand for my group). I unfortunately cannot divulge amusing aspects about much of the game that are amusing due to the metaplot me and Alicia have come up with, due to the fact that I know at least a few players are on LJ, and I'd hate to ruin their fun...

* The final MURP camp at Grefriars was last weekend. It was indeed fun, but seemed immensely short, for some reason. I suspect me doing a lot of helping out (I was in charge of soup, and indeed by pumpkin and sweet potato soup was well-received, and then stayed on, while tending the soup, to help with the mexican menu). I also had my first real Nitrous Oxide high. It was... interesting. Definitely better than the last time I tried Nitrous - I barely felt a thing then. Also played interesting games, and took many, many photos and movies. Probably enough to make a virtual representation of the Greyfriars site. If people are really interested, I may throw it all on Photobucket (though there's about 48MB of photos and movies...)

* I almost put [ profile] mikeybidness on my friends list. I have now decided against this. For those of you unaware of the spectacle of the last few days, I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to find out, because as of tonight, I'm not going to bother continuing to reply. It's simply not worth it.

* My 21st is coming up. I'm almost wishing it wasn't because it means I have to make decisions and stuff. I already got the date, so no problem there, but I have to decide where to hold the party, what sort of things to serve there, what presents I want my parents to get me... It's actually quite stressful. We've now basically decided on nice restaurant dinner with family and [ profile] fireflyfaery, then a house party. But of course, I have to decide whether I want my house party at my parent's place, or perhaps at Wolfenstein, and there are pros and cons to both.

I need to learn to be more decisive.

* In work news, on Monday I found out that some idiot in DLU had set my contract to expire on the 3rd of March. I've got a new contract all filled out and such, but this does mean that I don't get paid next week. Which is a pain. Thankfully my parents have said they'll lend me money to tide me over until my next pay period. Still annoying though.

* My older brother, Mathew, has his graduation tomorrow. There's nothing really stopping me from going, and I'd like to go, but to do so, I'd probably have to miss my only class tomorrow. And I've missed more than a few classes in that subject, and I really need to get my study discipline back. I'm probably going to go to my brother's graduation regardless...


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