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I finally got my results for my Honours on Monday. I'd've posted them sooner, but to be honest, It wasn't until today I got everything officially figured out. Ah well! This is something to be rectified!

2006 LIN4740 Linguistic Theory 67 C
2006 LIN4660(A) Minor Thesis Part 1 - SFR
2006 LIN4720 Special Topic in Linguistics 82 HD
2007 LIN4660(B) Minor Thesis Part 2 72 D
2007 LINHONS Final Honours (Linguistics) Mark 73 HIIA

So, what, exactly, does this mean, all up. It means I did rather well, considering! It basically means that I'm almost certainly likely to be able to move into postgraduate work once I'm ready for it (basically, in 2009), and it means that despite difficulties I managed to hand in a reasonable thesis.

Although, I will admit, the marker's comments were quite brutal, which threw me for a day or so, but of course the comments are quite legitimate - and hell, I knew I didn't have a perfect piece of writing when I handed it in. But it seems that everyone thinks that I did well enough to keep going to postgrad work, so I'm more than happy!
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Anyone who actually wanted to read the final thesis, I've put a copy of the PDF on my webspace, so people can feel free to download and read if they feel so inclined:
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At 4:35pm today, I officially handed in my honours thesis. This is indeed a momentous occaision.

Much drinking will ensue tonight. A party must be arranged, oh yes...
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You know, I had not actually computed the enormity of the work I'd put into my thesis until I'd started to compile my master document out of all the chapter files I had around.

My thesis currently encompasses 52 pages of text. Those 52 pages of text comprise 16,119 words, organised into about 300 paragraphs. There will probably be a few extra additions to that in the next 12 hours or so before I print it off and take to be bound.

I had no idea I had it in me!
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I've finally got up to the word count on all chapters. Hooray! I little later than I'd wanted, but at least it's done!

So, I've got a favour to ask people - I desperately need some clean eyes to go through and help me spot any obvious boo-boos within my thesis, preferably before tomorrow morning. Anyone out there willing to help?

Of the chapters I need looked at, Chapters 3 & 5 are the ones that most desperately need attention, since I haven't had them looked at by my supervisor yet (and it's a little too late to do it now). I've uploaded my thesis documents into Google Docs, so that people can have a look at it. If you're willing to help, leave me a comment here with your google account name (I'm screening comments, so don't be shy), and I'll add you as a collaborator.

So, I figured out that I can provide the invite links here, since they're not e-mail specific, so if you feel up to it, just pop through these links and login using your google account:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Thanks in advance!
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Progress time!

Chapter 1 (2000 words): Complete Draft done and sent in. Supervisor has returned feedback
Chapter 2 (5000 words): Complete Draft done and sent in.
Chapter 3 (4000 words): Draft 50-60% complete. Aimed for completion by either tonight or early tommorrow.
Chapter 4 (3000 words): Complete Draft done and sent in. Supervisor has returned feedback
Chapter 5 (2000 words): Not quite yet started (can't really conclude the piece without knowing everything I've written). Aimed for completion by the end of the weekend, preferably by Saturday night

Days to Go: 6

Assuming this holds (and I can't see much that would alter this), I will have 2-3 days to polish up and fix any niggles in any of these chapters, get formatting and stuff completed, and an extra day or so to get binding and handing-in stuff organised.

Chances are good that I will not be in a coherent state by the end of this, because I have expectations of a lot of early mornings and late nights. But by god, it will be done, and readers of this LJ will finally be able to see me write about things which are not thesis-related (it's not like thesis-unrelated things aren't happening to me, it's just that I'm spending all of my time thesis-writing).

It seems that I no longer have any of those nagging doubts about not being able to complete on time. I know I can do this. I just have to get down and actually do it. Speaking of which...
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I hate old German sociologists. Especially Ferdinand Tönnies. You'd think he'd be able to give you a nice capsule-description of some fairly basic sociological concepts like Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, wouldn't you? You know, before he goes in and spends the rest of the book fleshing it out.

Nope. Apparently in the 1800s, it was the height of fashion to drag you through the entire book to explain two simple words. Bah.
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Some evil numbers which are currently causing me stress:

Prescribed word count for Thesis: 15,000-18,000
Current Thesis Word Count: 3,647
Words to go: 11,353-14,353
Days until Thesis is due: 59
Current estimate of words/day required to finish thesis on time: 200 words/day
Current estimate of words/day required to finish thesis on time and retain some semblance of sanity and/or living status: 300-350 words/day. (adding occasional days off and work commitments)

These numbers assume, on the whole, that I disappear from the universe and cease all contact with everyone until June. Maybe go out once in a while to eat food, or do stuff like that. And not get writer's block. And not get sick.

Thesis is now officially a six-letter word. Uttering this word in front of me may well cause me to flip out. I have not officially reached CRUNCH TIME on thesis. When I am done with this thesis, I am going to murderlise it in three different ways, resuscitate it, and kill it again. I am now way past the point of stress and am now living off pure hatred.

Right. I feel a whole lot better now. You know, I was expecting the word count a day to be something really horrific. Hmm. I might very well be able to work with 300 words/day, assuming I can get off my butt and actually do it. It's not quite as bad as I thought...


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