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So, the last couple of posts have been me discussing how I don't really want to go back to uni, and how I'm really loving my job right now.

I am now firmly convinced that these events are related, although possibly at one remove.

See, for the last year or two, I've been working hard at reducing my debt, and the reason I've been working hard at this is because I had plans to go back to uni, and to do so I'd have to accept a drop in income, which I can't support at my level of debt. For the last year or two, I've also been generally unhappy with life. That goal always seemed to be creeping ever further away, as I started getting more and more debt. This got even worse when I lost my job earlier in the year - all that money, that I could put towards debt, but it all went away as I had to support myself without a job.

But, a few weeks ago, I went and took a look at that goal, of going to university, and I made a decision - that I was no longer going to pursue that goal.

That decision had a whole bunch of knock-on effects.

Firstly, The nature of my new job changed. I took the job, not because I was really interested in working for a bank, but because I knew I could do the job, and it'd help me pay off my debt. The job, in short, was purely a means to an end, one that wasn't really in sight. How could I like a job when I framed it like that? But when I dropped the uni goal, I stopped thinking about the job as a means to an end, and started looking at the job as the end itself. If I wasn't going to uni, what did this job mean? As I worked on the phones, it dawned on me that actually, one thing I really did love was helping people. And that's what this job really helped me do. On nearly every call I took, I could make an actual difference to that person's life, even if it was just a statement of a balance, or just answering a question about an unknown transaction. When I looked around at my job, I came to the realisation that I actually love my job, immensely so.

But I don't think I would have reached that level of thinking if I'd still stuck to my old goal of going back to uni. Me being happy in my job was purely because of a perspective change.

Interesting, that.
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In the latest in a round of good news, I finally got my results back!

CodeSubject NameGrade

(Again, for those who are not Uni Students, N = Not Passed, P = Pass, C = Credit, D = Distinction, HD = High Distinction, in order of impressiveness)

The primary part of this which makes me happy and exuberant and feeling downright funky is the fact that there is not a single N this semester. Which means...


Glory of glories, I'm actually done at uni and I don't have to worry about it for at least the next year or so! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
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It's rather hard to write an essay when you have a song stuck in your head.

That is all.
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Today, in Philosophy, we spent 20 minutes discussing masochism, and it's consequences on behaviouralism.

I love this subject.
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I finally got my results for my Honours on Monday. I'd've posted them sooner, but to be honest, It wasn't until today I got everything officially figured out. Ah well! This is something to be rectified!

2006 LIN4740 Linguistic Theory 67 C
2006 LIN4660(A) Minor Thesis Part 1 - SFR
2006 LIN4720 Special Topic in Linguistics 82 HD
2007 LIN4660(B) Minor Thesis Part 2 72 D
2007 LINHONS Final Honours (Linguistics) Mark 73 HIIA

So, what, exactly, does this mean, all up. It means I did rather well, considering! It basically means that I'm almost certainly likely to be able to move into postgraduate work once I'm ready for it (basically, in 2009), and it means that despite difficulties I managed to hand in a reasonable thesis.

Although, I will admit, the marker's comments were quite brutal, which threw me for a day or so, but of course the comments are quite legitimate - and hell, I knew I didn't have a perfect piece of writing when I handed it in. But it seems that everyone thinks that I did well enough to keep going to postgrad work, so I'm more than happy!
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So, today's first day back at uni. Was nice, laid back, not too much happening, time to reconnect with old haunts and new haunts, getting back into the habit of going to lectures and such.

Also, starting to expand myself out a little - I went to the MCJAF practice session today, mostly because I'm sick of having the same three tricks on my poi, and want to learn more. Tonight's session was pretty good, actually - Patrick, a Kornerite not on LJ, was there as well, so I had someone I knew helping me out with tricks.

So, here's hoping this continues throughout the semester - it's certainly a great workout! :)
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Today was my day of bureaucracy-wrangling. Went rather well, but it looks like the next semester's plans are going to have to change.

Firstly, I finally went to Centrelink and handed in all the paraphernalia to get my Health Care card. I came in armed with photocopies, originals, and a wallet full of ID, and managed to get everything in first-time around. Yay me!

Secondly, I went to uni to organise my enrolment for this semester, since I'd left it horribly late and wouldn't let me do it online. That was interesting. Last year, when I sorted everything out, I was told that I only had one more subject to do after honours. Well, it turns out, he calculated wrong, and it turns out that I have three subjects to do this semester! It turns out that they had calculated for an arts only graduation, and had thrown my psych subjects into the Arts side of my degree. But, it turns out, I need them for my major, and so I have two arts subjects and one science subject to go before I can graduate.

Fortunately, this is doable. Unfortunately, it means I'm back to being a full-time student, and the plan I had to start working more this semester is unlikely to be compatible with the new plan. It's not that I'm overly worried about it, it's more an annoyance than a wailing offence.

Of course, the subjects I'd picked today turned out to be problematic, so I'll have to come in to uni again tomorrow to sort that out. I figured that if I had to do more subjects, I'd do all those subjects that I wanted to do but didn't think I had space in my degree for, but it turns out that my choices are much more limited than I'd thought. Ah well. I will sort it all out!


Oct. 27th, 2006 06:37 am
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My supervisor will be surprised. I actually handed in my Final Draft on time! Reasonably, even!

Still, I cannot believe that the best abstract definition of a social network, appropriate for use as a block quote within an essay was found on wikipedia. It's like every researcher felt that the concept was so self-explanatory that clearly no verbal description seemed necessary. Oh, plenty of pictures, don't get me wrong, but no actual verbal description. Closest I got was a family analogy.

Still, it's all done. I'm happy!


Sep. 7th, 2006 11:53 pm
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Essay handed in. Finally.

Only a week late. Surely my supervisor won't worry too much...
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I bang my head and uberstress about my assignment. With all this head-banging, I get 1200 words done of a 3000-5000 word essay in about two weeks.

Then, today, the day it's due (thanks to an extension), I all of a sudden manage to do everything. Bump the word count up to 3100 words, restructure a good deal of the essay, finally find a whole bunch of useful references. In a span of about 7 hours.

I don't get it. What's so special about the day an assignment's due that gives me these super-incredible powers to miraculously complete an assignment?

I don't get it.
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So here I am, on a wednesday night, desperately trying to finish my Linguistics presentation for tomorrow, finding myself unable to concentrate. Thus, time for a livejournal update.

I think I'm settling in rather well here. I'm not in opposition with anyone here, and with so many people around, it's hard to be lonely. I kinda miss the freedom of my mum's car, but that's neither here nor there really, since I'm coping with that rather well. Need to learn to eat well, but I think that's more a matter of me refusing to spend the money, and me being slack. Them's the breaks.

Work has been, well, busy as anything. Still need to train my boss up - when I ask him to consult a lecturer about what's urgently required in an urgently required book, I don't generally mean to consult the unit guide again. However, I'm sure I'll train him up eventually.

This Saturday I go to the Commonwealth games with [ profile] fireflyfaery. Yes, I know that a bunch of people here probably think it's a waste of money, but my parents paid for the tickets, and they're pretty good anyway. And apparently table tennis is really exciting to watch!

The Urban Dead Wiki is starting to annoy me. I think I'm almost hitting the end of my productive lifespan there, alas.

I still love [ profile] fireflyfaery. Love her so much, it hurts sometimes.

Now, with those out of the way...

I had an odd thought on the forums, regarding polyamorous marriages. It was noted that a good deal of the problem is dealing with contracts with more than two people involved. Thinking a little, it occured to me that we already have a solution to this problem - Corporations.

A corporation effectively acts as a person that many people can contract to. So, if the issue is legal contractual issues, why not turn marriage from a contract to a corporate entity? All potential members of the marriage sit together and write up the charter, including exit clauses, obligations, possible entrance clauses, etc. When everyone is satisfied with the charter, it gets taken to a lawyer, where the marriage entity is registered, and a public version of the charter becomes available. Since the exit clauses are set out explicitly from the start, those "divorcing" the marriage know exactly what they're entitled to, and so does everyone else. Further, such marriages may be able to allow other spouses into the marriage. Monogamous relationships follow the same rules, and all marriages become dissolved should less than two people exist within the marriage. Writing up the rules of your own relationship means monogamous couples and polygamous groups both get the benefit of having all of the relevant people's views and assumptions made explicit before they're contractually obliged to follow them. It also means open relationships can have full grounding in the law, as that can be written up as a part of the marriage charter.

I expect there's some issues with this implementation, but I think it might be a useful model should polyamorous marriages get off the ground.
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I got tired of waiting for the letter from the Arts faculty, so I decided to try more... unorthodox measures. I went into Monash's Web Enrolment System, to see if I had an Honours course attached yet.

I did. :)


Dec. 1st, 2005 11:05 pm
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My results came through:

Subject Grade
CSE2302 (Operating Systems) 66 C
LIN3490 (Literacies, Communication and Cyberspace) 77 D
LIN3510 (Structure of English) 63 C
PHL2330 (Issues in Political Philosophy) 71 D

(For those who on my friends list that aren't used to Australian grading, the Cs and Ds are good - they stand for Credit and Distinction. From lowest to highest, it goes Fail (F), Near-Pass (NP), Pass (P), Credit (C), Distinction (D), High Distinction (HD).)

Hooray! Those LIN code subjects are the ones I wanted to do really well on, because I need them to do Honours in Linguistics. The 63 is a tad unfortunate (but was probably due to the fact that I thought my third assignment only had 2 pages, when in fact there was another one sneakily hidden behind the second page!), but is all good, because I already had over a 70 average, and my average here for my LIN subjects is a 70! Which means I rock, and am expecting a letter from the Arts Faculty any day now.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I found a brilliant web-script that I'm loving more every time I use it. It takes a table, delimited by some character, and then converts it into a HTML or MediaWiki table automagically! Why is this cool? Because I can use Excel to make a nice data table (or any sort of simple table), and then copy and paste it directly into the script, and with only a little tweaking of settings, it'll give me a picture-perfect table! Yay! This is the script I'm talking about. A very nice time saver indeed.
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Well, the world changes, and another LJ post becomes inevitable...

Think I did rather well. Even my Operating Systems exam, which I felt woefully underprepared for, wasn't too bad after all. I'm confident I'll pass, and I'm confident I may do better than that even. My other subjects, I was always pretty confident with, but I don't think I did anything horribly bad on them.

Well, Scanning's finished for another year, and I'm jobless until scanning starts again in January. Which means I have to go and find work. Which is a pain.

Web Projects
Deiludum seems to be chugging along slowly, but consistently, which is a blessing I guess. I'm still finding it really dirty to advertise the place...

I think there's something horribly, horribly wrong. Well, maybe just wrong. See, I know I'm stressed (and everyone around me seems to know it too), and usually it would be good that I know this, because it would mean that I could button off a bunch of stuff. But frankly, I don't know what's stressing me, and that's really scary. Don't people usually have at least an inkling of what's troubling them? I mean, I can rationally pick a few things that could be it (Honours, Exams, Joblessness, Relationships, etc), but I can't figure out what's which and how much. This doesn't seem right - you'd think that if you're stressed, you'd know what was stressing you, right? Right?
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Well, where shall I begin? It has been a while...

Went well. Enjoyed myself just about every session, had some brilliant players. Definitely should run more comedy games, especially with people who don't take them seriously. I have ideas for other games, but they can wait, for the moment.

One more Assignment to go - My Literacy Research Essay. I'm doing a student-defined subject, Attitudes towards chatspeak in forumspeak communities. The Forumspeak community I'm using for this assignment as a case study is The data is collected, I just need to spend time going through it and writing the damn thing.

I've outdone myself this time in the Procrastination stakes. A while back I considered the possibilities of Wiki roleplaying, and I came up with a neat idea - imagine if the world you're roleplaying in has the same rules as a wiki - that you could change or create anything, even stuff that wasn't yours, and that everyone else could do it to.

Well, the website is now live. Deiludum is now avaliable for general perusal. I had intended to spend a bit more time building a more solid starting point for people, but I'm much better at building on other people's ideas than coming up with idea all on my lonesome. Come one, come all. The more procrastination the better, I always say...

Paid Work
As much as I think German is funky, I'm not fond of having to edit it, especially considering I don't know the language. The paper was in English - pretty much all the references were in German...

All done by week 2. Was hoping for a bit more study time, but I'm sure I can work on this...

That's about all that's fitting into my head at the moment. Until next time...
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Well, that just about sums it up. 7 major pieces of assessment knocked down. I officially have nothing due until Friday 16th, when my next Operating Systems Prac is due.

I honestly didn't think that the project was doable in a day. But, with [ profile] damostaranth's help, it apparently was. We rock.
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I think I may actually get through this. Philosophy Essay was a breeze, with some help from [ profile] damostaranth, I managed to get near to top marks on my second chance at my prac 2, and I'm almost finished my Structure of English Essay. Still got a bit to do, but I think I'm managing to push through it.

Oh! That reminds me - Is there a grammar nazi in the house? I need help on English Verb forms, and more importantly, I need some info on accurately differentiating between simple past and present perfect...
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It is occuring to me that Holidays are simply not good on my work ethic. As in they completely wash it down the gurgler.

Had a bad awakening on Friday that pointed this fact out to me. My lack of time management has almost wiped my Operating Systems subject clear out of the water, and I have second chance purely because I prostrated myself in front of the lecturer, and he gave me a second chance. A second chance I'm not sure I can work with. Also, I've been noticing the distinctly large number of assignments heading my way, none of which I seem particularly inclined to do. One is mostly done (A Linguistics group presentation for tomorrow), but the Political Philosophy Essay due on Thursday I've only just decided which topic to do, and I'm not entirely sure where to start. I have until Friday to clean up my Operating Systems. And then there's a Structure of English assignment due next week.

I should have gotten on top of this weeks ago. This is not a good habit to get into, but the worst part is that even when I get myself out of it, All it seems to take is uni holidays to destroy any progress I had before.

Well, back to work then...
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There are issues currently in my life, this I don't deny. But, I try hard not to angst. Regardless, there are issues that are better dealt with by telling everyone about them, so I made a deal with myself. The good and the bad will share equal space in this journal. Bad to the left of me, the Good to the right.

Placed behind cut due to it likely being rather large and ungainly. Do feel free to click through though... )
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Well, it's been a while since updating. I guess I should probably get people up to date with what's happening in my life.

  • Exam-wise, I have my last exam tomorrow. I'm currently at 1 exam I think I did abyssmally (CSE2304, Algorithms and Data Structures), 1 exam I think I aced complete (PHL1010, First-Year Philosophy), and the final one tomorrow that in theory I should be fine with, but am a little nervous nonetheless (LIN3190, History and Sociolinguistics of English). The nervousness I think is due to the fact that it's what I want to go forth and study - it is what I want to be. I want to do so well that they'll have to take me as an Honours student!

  • Lara is currently feeling sick. I spent the weekend nursing her back to health. She's currently working, and will be working again tomorrow. In theory we're supposed to go out tomorrow and celebrate end of exams, but I'm not sure how Lara will hold up. I'm not sure she should even be working when she's as sick as she is.

  • 11 Days until deadline for Unicon blurb. Have it planned, but have as of yet not managed to write it up and send it forth.

  • Adventure! Uber-game is currently on mid-semester break. This is fortunate - left the game on a brilliant high, me and [ profile] warragul are going to need some time to figure out how where we go from here.

  • SVGA is running a Darkzone Laser hunt. Read through to find out more.

  • Me and Lara are going to Adelaide! We'll be leaving this Sunday, and will not be making it back until the Sunday afterwards. I have arrange stuff with my grandmother, whom I'll be staying with. If any ex-Adelaiders would like me to pick up anything while I'm down there, now is the time to ask...

  • I came home today to find that my mum had rearranged my room. Biggest shock I've had this week. It now looks the way my room used to look before the last room shift, except reversed. I told mum the other way didn't work...

  • I have been feeling so incredibly tired. I look forward to examination's end.


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