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Oh man, has it been crazy.

So, in the last few weeks:

1) I've moved to a new, extremely shiny place
2) It looks like I'm getting promoted at work - They're planning to move me to the Premier call centre (Where they deal with important customers). Took a while, but I'm looking forward to it :)
3) I went to my cousin Paula's wedding, which was a beautiful affair.
4) Been absurdly busy getting house in order. No matter how many times you move, it still takes forever to get the house the way you want it!
5) Put a deposit down on a brand new couch. It is comfy and so incredibly soft, and has cup holders and storage space, and it shall be mine!
6) Spent a long and terrible two weeks with only mobile internet. For probably the first time ever, I have actually gone through my entire mobile pack this month and then some!

I am certain that there have been other noteworthy things, but I am le tired, so I honestly cannot remember them all.

So, hi! I'm alive!
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Thanks to a change in my work schedule, I now have Mondays off, which is fantastic because I have been sick since Thursday, and I get extra time off without sacrificing money. After driving home this morning from [personal profile] erinkyan's place, I thought that a good idea would be to actually start all that filing that I've not really got around to since I moved in, so I could declutter a bit.

This is a bit rambly.

I'd forgotten how much stuff I keep randomly locked away in my filing box. Encountered quite a few surprises, both good and bad. I found all my old SECASA stuff (which I'm keeping - who knows when that's going to be useful again), and I found old momentos from years past (one of which was a letter that [personal profile] erinkyan wrote for me while he was sitting in a cafe). And paper. So very many pieces of paper, a lot I need to keep, but a lot I ended up throwing out. It's actually kinda empowering - there's about half a moving box full of paper that I kept for one reason or another but I no longer need at all.

A long time ago, I made a conscious decision not to live in the past. I'm not the kind of person that keeps a lot of physical artifacts of history - the clutter that they create never seems worth the memories. I wonder if part of it is because my past hurts a lot. There's a lot of terrible things that have happened, and I've done a lot of stuff that I'm not proud of at all, and I guess that the safest thing I can do is isolate myself a little from it. Move forward, don't dwell on what I was, and instead aspire to be someone better.

But my past still has sway in who I am, I can't actually run away from it entirely. Going through my history, even if it's in old receipts, bits and pieces of con games I've run, letters from lovers and tickets to events, just made me go through a whole bunch of that history, and I'm feeling a little fragile from it right now. I'm glad I did it, if only because it gave me a chance to organise it a little better, so maybe next time I won't end up shocking myself with old memories when I need to find an old bank statement.

But it hurts. I can't wait for the day when the traumas become distant enough that I can look back on them safely, because apparently it hasn't come yet.
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So, it's been a while since I've posted anything here, mostly because most of my update thingies are going to Twitter, and my other writing outlets are sucking all the rest of my writing brain. But I figure I'd give those not on the Twitter/Facebook bandwagon a chance to catch up on my life.

Firstly, my new job is going quite well - I've since moved out of the Identification team, and have been moved into Servicing (basic account services), and I quite frankly love it. It's been a really long time since I've loved my job as much as I do now, and honestly it's a little hard to get used to. I'm used to my job just being a neutral part of my day, now my job honestly makes me feel good. I love going into work, I enjoy every call I take, I feel the need to dance anytime there's hold music... There aren't a great deal of negatives in my job right now. I'm starting to remember, slowly but surely, what attracted me to Customer Service in the first place - the opportunity to help people. And I get to do that all the time at my job, with nothing to stop me. It's really great!

But it's still weird to actually be enjoying my job. I know I should just get over it, but it still feels weird!

Secondly, I have been officially collared! This happened last weekend! I may discuss more about this on the sex filter (or, I may not. I haven't decided yet).

Thirdly, I need to do a whole bunch more chores around the house. My Chore Wars character is falling quite behind, and this must be rectified!

Fourthly, I am madly in love with [personal profile] erinkyan. Really!

Fifthly, This weekend I will be going to some workshops run by [ profile] passionandsoul, which I am seriously looking forward to. One is about hypnosis and other mind play in BDSM, the other one is on rituals in BDSM, both topics I am looking quite forward to hearing about.

Sixthly, I have not seen people for such a long time, and I want to apologise for that. Getting settled into new job has taken a bit more time than I'd anticipated. I plan to make a promise to keep in touch more with my friends, since I know I've been neglecting that somewhat the last few months. I'll admit the whole being on the other side of the city, combined with full-time work, is making that a bit difficult, but that's no excuse for not trying! If you haven't seen me in a while and hope to do so, give me a buzz, I'll see if I can fit something around my schedule!

Seventhly, I have a four-player Connect 4 game right behind me, and I really want to try it out. Who's game? (this may or may not be connected to the previous item!)

I think that will be all for this update.
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This came into my inbox today. Not sure whether it's to be a Docklands or Southbank-based job yet, but it's likely to be good work if you can get it, since it's a part-time version of my job :)


ICT Resource Centre Technician (10 hour per week)

Carrick is excited to announce the vacancy for an ICT Resource Centre Technician within the Melbourne campus to work 10 hours per week. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with the daily operations of the Resource Centre, including assisting students with all resource material enquiries and requests.
  • Organise and maintain the Resource Centre and supervise students within this environment.
  • Assist students with use of computers and internet facilities (e.g. login)
  • Ensure Carrick Information Technology policies for students are adhered to and enforced where applicable.
  • Assist in all general cleaning and maintenance of computers and printers
  • Additional duties as required.
The successful applicant will possess the following attributes:
  • Provide excellent customer service to students and internal staff
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to take ownership of issues
  • Ability to display flexibility
  • Ability to perform in a team environment
  • Excellent time management skills
  • IT Savvy
Technical Requirements
  • Strong Microsoft Office experience, especially with Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to trouble-shoot most basic IT issues.
Candidates with previous experience dealing with customer service experience in an IT environment will be strongly considered. Applicants with previous experience dealing with international students will also be strongly considered for the role.

Expressions of interest (CV of no more than 4 pages) should be emailed to quoting reference number RCT-M-0609

Applications close on Friday the 19th of June at 5:30pm

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A big whopping update, since a lot of stuff has been happening recently:

[ profile] not_in_denial's big event, Transresext, finally went off last weekend. Honestly? I thought it went absolutely off! I won't describe my experiences much here, but rest assured it'll be on the sex filter in due course, probably by tonight, seeing how quiet work is right now.

(As a brief note, those of you who would like to climb onto the sex filter (or if you'd like to climb off), feel free to comment on this post - I'll add/remove you ASAP. As before, all dependent on my comfort with you reading stuff as well, but if you asked before and didn't get on, feel free to ask again - life goes on, I may well be more amenable.)

Pretty much same-old same-old. I'm kinda looking for alternative work, even though I'm quite happy where I am right now. It's not even a kind of restlessness, I'm just more keeping my options open. It's a great place to work, gives me plenty of downtime and few real responsibilities to speak of, but honestly, with the economic chaos around, I'm feeling like if I want to move jobs, I should think about it now before things start toppling badly.

However, I have been playing around with stuff - in particular, I've been building an excel sheet that lets me play around with the printing statistics in different ways. Verrry interesting, and let me bash about with my coder brain for a bit, which is nice for it, since it doesn't get let out very much these days.

Rebuilding Friendships
I've been noticing that with the lack of time that full-time work seems to create, I seem to be losing track of a lot of people. Those that don't update (or have) blogs and such I don't seem to be keeping track of anymore, so I'm working on trying to catch up with people. Alas, with that aforementioned lack of time, I'm not getting much of a chance, but I'm hoping to get a few nights free to at least chat with some of my longer-distance friends that I haven't talked to in a while. Also, intending to go to [ profile] thingalon's housewarming this weekend, to talk with friends and such, which should be good.

Also, and this one I'm most proud of, I finally got a chance to repair some uncomfortableness with [ profile] forsakendaemon a few days ago. It's been festering for a bit, and I recently just realised that it wasn't helping anything to let it lie, so I invited him out to lunch to talk about stuff. We both seemed to be glad to get it off our chests, and I'm hoping that it means that we'll start to move past things and start being better friends.

IMing on me phone
A couple of days ago, I picked up an interesting program for my mobile called Fring. I originally did it so I could twitter from my phone more easily (and keep better track of everyone else's twitters, since the IM tracking aspect of Twitter seems to be completely dead, and the SMS feature's been disabled), but I'm really starting to dig the IM aspect of it. It means, simply enough, that I can IM people while I'm on the way to, or on the way home from, work. As above, I'm trying to make an active effort to keep talking to people, so having the ability to do it during hours where I'd normally do pretty much nothing, is really great. Now if only more people were active on the way into work...

General Business
For those Americans on my list - I am a Real American. Facebook Group available as well. Just pimping out awesome concepts. I'm actually very tempted to steal the concept and do an Australian version, if only because I think it's a fantastic idea to look at the national identity from a really inclusive attitude. Hmm, I feel a touch strong about this, I may well post an entry on how I feel about national identity in general later...
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So, I've been sick for the last few days. Sick enough that I ended up taking a day off yesterday to basically spend the entire day crashed out on the couch while [ profile] not_in_denial made sure I was hydrated and fed. God bless him. Of course, I should probably have taken the monday off too, but I'm apparently not quite smart enough to take days off when I first start realising I'm sick. That, and I'm flush out of sick days for the next month or so. Damn pro rata sick days.

Of course, I'm now back at work, since I can't afford to take more than one day off and still pay rent. Which is excellent because my boss took the day off today as well (probably from the same sickness I had). Thankfully, it's looking very quiet today, so I should be able to just relax today and do almost nothing.
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Well, as it turns out, the water wasn't done quite yet - See, high tide hadn't quite reached it's peak yet, and when you get exceptionally high tides... Well, the drains back up. And Up. And Up. So, by the time I got out to lunch, the building next to us was trapped by the water. So, what could I do? I got my camera and took more photos, that's what!

More Photos! )


Jul. 1st, 2008 12:11 pm
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We had a slight, umm, drainage malfunction outside our building. So, we have a spot of flooding outside our building. Amazingly, I actually had my camera with me at the time! Awesome! So, I get to show everyone!

Photos under cut! )
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So, yesterday me and [ profile] not_in_denial were over at Airport West shopping centre, since we were picking up his broadband modem from Tullamarine. At some point, while we were eating lunch, someone stole my wallet.

Yep. Right in front of me, so far as I can tell. I left in on the table in front of my while I was eating and it disappeared. So yeah, about $7 in change, a nearly-new Full fare weekly ticket, my debit card and about 120 more point of ID is now likely in someone else's hands. thankfully I've already cancelled the credit card (did that about 10-15 minutes after we realised that the wallet was gone), unfortunately getting everything else replaced appears to be a much harder issue, since I need to pay money to get my driver's licence replaced (which I can't do until I have my replacement card), medicare needs ID as well. So, at least for a while, people have a bunch of my ID cards until I get access to my cash again, and I get to start replacing everything. Dammit. Also, makes it damn hard to do things that I was intending to do, like get a new phone. Double dammit.

On the plus side, today was much better. Work was excellent, and my last call today netted me 4 recontract sales (on one call! Unheard of!). That alone would have been excellent for my work strike rate, but I'd gotten 4 other recontracts that day too. So, I now have a new record of 8 recontracts at work. I was positively floating on air on the way home.
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Man, it's been a while since I actually updated people on my life. Guess that's kinda what happens when you get busy!

Well, in the past few months since I did a life update, There's been lots and lots of changes. For example, today I just finished my last exam. Hopefully, this is the very last exam I'll ever be doing for uni - I'll be graduating at the end of the year! Yay!

In related news, this means that my current job has kinda stopped for the year, and in fact, I won't be eligible for the job for next year, since it's a student-only position. Thus, for the past couple of weeks, I've been desperately seeking other employment. I ended up looking at two possible jobs, one was a face-to-face sales/marketing role for a sales/marketing outsourcing company, and other was as a Telstra phone monkey. I just got a call today to confirm that I actually got the Telstra job!

This is rather exciting for me, because it's the first time that I've ever had a full time job, EVAR. After a few quick off-the-cuff calculations, I've figured that I'll be zooming from my $200/week previous job to a $700+/week new position. With leave and sick days! And penalty Rates! So. Very. AWESOME!!! It means I'll actually have disposable money to spend on stuff other than living, which is a very new experience for me. I'm already mentally spending the first few paychecks, which I probably shouldn't do, but is kinda hard not to. After all, what good is money if you can't spend it?

So yes, rather exciting, really. The only real downside is that it's a full time job, so I probably won't be spending a lot of time around the place now. Not that I was spending that much time around the place anyway, but it was nice having free time to spend in [ profile] not_in_denial's arms.

So, yeah. The last few weeks have seen me be exceptionally busy and move very quickly out of University mode and right into Life mode. I'm quite looking forward to it, really.
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Me and [ profile] proxyryan had our first official date last night. He came over to my house, and I arranged the delicious meal (after which we sat and watched DVDs (well, okay, we watched DVDs some of the time)), and I kinda went flat-out. I ended up making Mushroom and Cashew Stroganoff, because Stroganoff always sounded like a delicious dish. I also ended up buying a nice bottle of wine to go with it, because hell, that's just me. Of course, I also made delicious desserts of peach slices in jelly, with candy sprinkles on top. As one might naturally expect, it all went down a fantastic treat, meeting my boy's seal of approval. We ended up watching The Incredibles, drank some very nice wine, and then retired to bed. And I'll leave it tasteful for my dear readers by noting that last night was a fucking awesome night!

Honestly, I cannot begin to describe how fantastic he makes me feel. But I'll try anyway. When I'm with him, I honestly feel like I can completely relax. He makes me feel totally at ease. I feel completely safe around him. In a lot of ways, he makes me feel so safe that I can be myself again. I think I commented to him that I felt like he'd found a part of me that I feel like I'd lost for quite some time. In a lot of ways, he reminds me so much of me, which I guess is why I'm so at ease with him - how can I possibly distrust myself with me? I can just sense from him that he has a good heart, a beautiful soul if you like. Hell, from the moment I met him I knew it. He feels like a good person. How can I not love that?

Of course, many of my readers have been clamouring for photos... So, I present to you me and my [ profile] proxyryan...

Pic cut because I still don't have Photoshop )

Of course, today was my first day at the new job. [ profile] proxyryan was generous enough to drive me down to work, of which I'm eternally grateful for. At the very least, I got to show my boyfriend off to my boss. :)

In theory I'm supposed to be training, but I much prefer to call what I went through today a baptism by fire. Today was the first day of Santa at Southland, so naturally tons of adults and kids were lining up. So naturally, the first hour of work was absolutely flat out. The number of kids coming through, the number of sales, the speed at which I was forced to learn to use the register... insane, I swear. Heart-pounding stuff. Still, as is natural in working with kids, some incredibly cute moments. It's very cute watching the kids being scared of Santa, and even cuter watching the kids who, after walking off, suddenly running back to hug Santa. Also, [ profile] thingalon and Bec came down to say hello, which was a wonderful surprise.

And oh my god do my feel hurt. I mean, it wasn't that long a shift, but even so, 5 1/2 hours of standing up was a very evil reminder that I haven't worked in retail for a very long time. Ah well, I'm sure I'll manage to toughen up. But my god...
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Well, now that I'm inducted (and half-trained)...

I'm not a David Jones Santa Photographer, I'm a Westfield Santa Photographer. For those intending to visit me, I'll be in the Centre Court at Southland when I'm working. It's also official that elf ears are not to be worn (at least, not until the last week maybe), alas. This week, I work Sunday-Wednesday. Heavy Slog, but I do get paid. At least I have the weekdays off this week.

Also, kinda weird that I'm the only non-Santa male working at the Santa set this year. Still, the girls look like they're going to be great fun to work with. :)

Oh, and just to point it out:
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

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Went for a job interview this morning at Southland for the David Jones Santa Photography job. I now have the job.

Yet one more stress happily off my back!
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A notable indicator of the poor image quality of original source material is when Google Scholar has to be fired up to find the author of a given reference, because the name in the source material can't even be read by human eyes.

It's also a notable indicator of the poor image quality of original source material when you've spent the past 7 man-hours on the same page, correcting. And you made sure for those two pages to use the highest resolution on the scanner...


May. 22nd, 2006 03:15 pm
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I hate it when I miss scanning a page. It means that when I'm in the basement labs, I have to type the entire page out...

Job Update

May. 5th, 2006 04:39 pm
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I don't often talk about my job on LJ. In many ways, it's a pretty boring one - I scan documents and correct and mark the output so that they're readable for blind students at the university. It's one of those unfortunate jobs that is rather boring and monotonous, but requires a human. So, I get good uni pay, a workplace that happens to be my place of study, flexible hours, and no supervision, and constant access to an internet connection. So, while the work itself gets boring, the fringe benefits more than make up for it.

Currently I'm scanning in an education textbook on Classroom discipline. Now, as a scanner, I'm not a fan of this book. The inking throughout the book is various shades of green (which is fine, since the scanner scans in B/W full contrast anyway), the pages are very thin (and as such, I keep getting faded bits of text from the other side of the page which gives the OCR program hissy fits), it's big enough that I can't do double-page scanning on the scanner I'm using, and it has various paper planes flying around on the margins. It's also got a very poor margins system, in which both pages have the most margin on the left hand side of the page, and very little on the right side. Which means I really have to put my arms into it when I scan the damn thing, or else I miss the last character of each line. And until my boss manages to grab a reading list for the book, I have to scan the whole damn thing in. All 330 pages of it. Oh, and there's comic strips throughout the book. Which I have to transcribe.

The only thing that makes it bearable is that all the tables are really simple, and the diagrams are far and few between. It's mostly just nice text, which means it won't be a horror come correcting and mark-up time.

So, for those of you intending to write textbooks, please, for the love of god, use decent-thickness paper, don't even consider comics through the book, and make sure you've left at least some margin on the spine-side of the book. For our sakes, if nothing else...
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So here I am, on a wednesday night, desperately trying to finish my Linguistics presentation for tomorrow, finding myself unable to concentrate. Thus, time for a livejournal update.

I think I'm settling in rather well here. I'm not in opposition with anyone here, and with so many people around, it's hard to be lonely. I kinda miss the freedom of my mum's car, but that's neither here nor there really, since I'm coping with that rather well. Need to learn to eat well, but I think that's more a matter of me refusing to spend the money, and me being slack. Them's the breaks.

Work has been, well, busy as anything. Still need to train my boss up - when I ask him to consult a lecturer about what's urgently required in an urgently required book, I don't generally mean to consult the unit guide again. However, I'm sure I'll train him up eventually.

This Saturday I go to the Commonwealth games with [ profile] fireflyfaery. Yes, I know that a bunch of people here probably think it's a waste of money, but my parents paid for the tickets, and they're pretty good anyway. And apparently table tennis is really exciting to watch!

The Urban Dead Wiki is starting to annoy me. I think I'm almost hitting the end of my productive lifespan there, alas.

I still love [ profile] fireflyfaery. Love her so much, it hurts sometimes.

Now, with those out of the way...

I had an odd thought on the forums, regarding polyamorous marriages. It was noted that a good deal of the problem is dealing with contracts with more than two people involved. Thinking a little, it occured to me that we already have a solution to this problem - Corporations.

A corporation effectively acts as a person that many people can contract to. So, if the issue is legal contractual issues, why not turn marriage from a contract to a corporate entity? All potential members of the marriage sit together and write up the charter, including exit clauses, obligations, possible entrance clauses, etc. When everyone is satisfied with the charter, it gets taken to a lawyer, where the marriage entity is registered, and a public version of the charter becomes available. Since the exit clauses are set out explicitly from the start, those "divorcing" the marriage know exactly what they're entitled to, and so does everyone else. Further, such marriages may be able to allow other spouses into the marriage. Monogamous relationships follow the same rules, and all marriages become dissolved should less than two people exist within the marriage. Writing up the rules of your own relationship means monogamous couples and polygamous groups both get the benefit of having all of the relevant people's views and assumptions made explicit before they're contractually obliged to follow them. It also means open relationships can have full grounding in the law, as that can be written up as a part of the marriage charter.

I expect there's some issues with this implementation, but I think it might be a useful model should polyamorous marriages get off the ground.
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Nope, didn't get the job. Apparently I was too dynamic. Too upvibe.

I'm not kidding, that's what they said over the phone. It's quite amusing that apparently I was too much of a personality for the client's company.

Shame, because it seems that it was only a personality clash with the company was what did me in, but I'll keep searching...

Job Update

Nov. 22nd, 2005 03:21 pm
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I have gone through interview and testing, and I've been asked to come to the Friday afternoon tea and get-together. So, it looks like I'm almost certainly going to get the job. Just have to get through the Friday session and impress the client...


Nov. 21st, 2005 06:50 pm
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I have possible job!

Decided today to bite the bullet and sign up with a bunch of temp agencies, and about an hour ago I got a call from one of the agencies about a full-time job as a data entry clerk. So, yeah, interview's tomorrow in the city at lunchtime. It's either 10 weeks or 3 months, I'm not sure yet, it's at $18.50 an hour, and it's doing stuff I know how to do! And I get Christmas and New Year off. Cool beans.

I so should have done this earlier. I didn't realise Temp jobs replied so quickly...


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