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So, with most of the workday gone since I posted the poll, it's pretty clear that a lot people on my flist want the Twitter digests gone from my LJ. They kinda outnumbered everyone else by about 4:1.

So they're gone.


There were a few people who did seem to get some joy out of the Twitter digests, so, as a compromise, I've set up a Yahoo Piped digest of my posts in [ profile] twitkirby1024. If you want to follow my twitter on LJ, you now have to opt-in on this (This is the Yahoo Pipe I've used as the basis of the LJ feed). I figured this was a reasonable compromise in order to keep everyone happy!

Also, the sheer numbers told me that clearly there's a need yearning to be met here, so I have the following gifts for the Twitter-digest haters:

No Loudtwitter Filter - This is a yahoo pipe that you can plug almost any feed into. It will search for the telltale signs of loudtwitter digests, and then remove said digest from the feed. I currently haven't figured out a way to get it to remove objects from Feedburner feeds (since they get rid of the HTML that this thing sniffs for), so it doesn't work on them, but it should work on most other feeds. You can then plug this feed into your aggregator of choice.

No Loudtwitter LJ Friendslist - [ profile] aeduna and [ profile] lirion, this one is for you! All you have to do is enter your LJ username, and this pipe will collate all your friend's LJ entries, and then suck out any loudtwitter digests within, giving you a lovely clean feed of pure LJ entries. You can then plug the feed into your aggregator of choice. The only downside to this is that you won't pick up locked entries. Still, pretty handy nonetheless...

Let it not be said that I don't listen to people!
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So, I had a problem. In my never-ending quest to link every social account I have on the internet, I wanted to start publishing my public LJ entries to my Facebook notes. This is simple enough, Facebook gives you what you need to do it (either through RSS or some other LJ voodoo), it's not really difficult at all.

But, as many readers have noted, I don't actually end up with a lot of entries typically. Most of my entries are automagic Twitter digests. These digests are great for LJers who aren't on Twitter, but my Twitter updates already update direct to my Facebook status. So there is really no need for all those digests to get sucked onto my Facebook notes. But LJ's syndication feeds are very low-tech - there's no way to filter it out on LJ's end.

That's when I remembered that a while ago someone had told me about a great little website called Yahoo! Pipes. What Pipes lets you do is take an RSS feed (or a large number of them, for that matter), do almost anything you like with them (filter, union, count, add dates, etc), and then output a new feed that does whatever it is you wanted to do with it, with a neat graphical interface with lots of dragging and connecting which means you don't even have to code a thing. Spiffy, and exactly what I needed!

So, what ended up happening was I made myself a new feed, with all the Twitter Updates sucked out of it, which I could then feed into Facebook's Feed import feature. So, people on Facebook get to look at my LJ posts without having to sort through all the Twitter digests.

The linking of every damn one of my social accounts on the internet now continues apace.


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