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So, for the next few days, [personal profile] erinkyan is out of the state, caring for a friend, and so I've been home alone. After discovering that despite my cool new computer case having better fans, it's still not good enough to really play, say, Starcraft all day without the Graphics card moving past 95C on a day like this.

So... I realised that [personal profile] erinkyan had often lamented that his room is constantly messy and full of crap. After a quick call to make sure it was alright, I decided to actually get his room into gear.

I have since unpacked 2 boxes, consolidated a whole bunch of CDs into a single box, organised his bedside drawers, moved a whole bunch of wooden slats out into the garage, unpacked and hung a whole lot of clothes, moved a bunch of sheets and blankets into the linen closet, found several missing remotes, found one of my pairs of missing glasses (of which I'm still not actually sure how they migrated into one of [personal profile] erinkyan's bags), found out where all the tweezers had gone to, cleaned up a whole lot of rubbish, changed the sheets, applied several extension leads to provide power to the TV and DVD players of which I'd now found the remotes for, collated all his arts supplies, moved a whole lot of disused boxes into the top storage section of his wardrobe, vacuumed the floor and made sure all his rope was properly wrapped up and put away.

It was totally awesome. So, how clean is my room?

Well, if I have to be totally frank, I haven't really started on my room yet...
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You may have already seen the news on Erin's LJ, but in case you didn't know - There was a major mistake with the suit we ordered for Erin's birthday, but it's turned out to be a genuinely brilliant mistake for us:

Click here to get the full information, but simply - we're getting two suits for the price of one! Awesome!
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And after months of secrecy, of so much organisation, it all paid off spectacularly last night at Erin's Birthday Dinner, where I got to tell Erin exactly what we got for him:

It's the moments like these which make it all worthwhile!
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So, me and Erin have been househunting for a good month or so. There's been a lot of houses seen, a lot of Real Estate Agents strangely really liking the two of us, but still not being able to convert to actual places, which has been a little frustrating.

But, that's come to an end. Yesterday, we got approved for a house. And it's not just any house. It's a modern, beautiful house. A house with a garage with inside access, a house with air-con and heating, a house with a huge dining/living/kitchen area... It's the kind of house you look at and go "Man, this house is way too awesome for us to be able to get it".

And we got it. Oh sure, we had to match someone else's upbid on the rent. But this place? Totally worth it. And today, I go to the bank to buy the bank cheque for the bond, and get the money for first month's rent. We sign the leases, get everything out the way, and it's ours. For the next 12 months at least. But I'm so totally cool with that. The best part? It's about 5 minutes away from my current place. Still in Zone 1. Still accessible with the same bus even!

It's going to be an awesome house, and I cannot wait to get the stress of moving out the way so we can actually enjoy the house.
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I like arcades.

Consider it a throwback to my youth if you like. But I've come to embrace my happiness at arcades full of flashing lights, dodgy prizes and loud buzzers of success. There are a few reasons I like the arcades, the first major one being that I never go to an arcade alone. There is something about the arcade which screams group activity. It's just so much more fun to go with a friend, or with a group, and enjoy the atmosphere, and watch your friends play games, and then let your friends watch you.

This was never so well-demonstrated as last night, when me and [personal profile] radicalyffe decided to spend a night out at the arcades. Even more fun was that [personal profile] radicalyffe had never gone to an arcade before, so you had the extra fun of being able to introduce a friend to the classic arcade games of your youth, and the fun of collecting tickets for one of the prizes that are actually worth something.

You know, I really should plan a big group outing to the arcade. Get everyone to plan for $20-30 of spending and just go nuts for an afternoon. That sounds like that would be fantastic fun!
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So, last night I went out with friends and family for a big birthday celebration in the city. After I'd finished work, I drove over to the other side off the city to have dinner at Yak bar. It's a very funky little bar/restaurant with some awesome food, and it was wonderful to be see everyone and have some time to catch up. I especially recommend the Tapas menu, the halloumi and the chorizo especially are top-notch! For Desert, we had [personal profile] erinkyan's delicious, delicious cupcakes, and yes, they were seriously awesome.

After that, we went and met up with the rest of the night's party (16 of us in all! Never have I had in my hand so many tickets!) and saw Tripod vs The Dragon at the Forum. Firstly, I echo the sentiments of a couple of other people - It was fantastic to actually be able to go inside the Forum and look around the place. I've been past the place so many times, I'd always been curious as to the inside of the place, and it's a beautiful venue. Secondly, I loved the show, the gags were wonderful and insightful, the use of the overhead projector was really, really fun, and frankly, most of the way through the show I was thinking "You know, I've been in roleplaying games like this. Except this one is really fun to watch!"

About the only thing in the show that let it down a little was the songs - I was bored through a few of them, and I don't think many of the songs were up to Tripod's usual humorous fare. I do not, however, lump Elana Stone's songs into that assessment, because even though they were typically serious songs, I don't think you could be bored when Elana Stone sings. She is fucking awesome. Also, she looks for all the world like [ profile] happypea. Seriously. Especially in that red dress. I ended up going to the merch stand and grabbing me the CDs, because I think I found new awesome music here.

Despite that, I strongly recommend the show to everyone - geek or otherwise, as the show is extremely accessible, and then gets better if you've ever roleplayed with dice. Also, I recommend viewing their Official webpage at the moment, mostly because they've D&D-ified the place and it's kinda fun to catch all the jokes in there!

After that, a group of us headed down to 1806 on Exhibition st, and I think most people know that it's one of my favourite cocktail bars in the city, with the best menu I've ever seen. We got to sit and chat, and I enjoyed a very delicious Mitch Martini, while the rest of the group enjoyed their own delicious cocktails. All up, it was a wonderful night, and I'd like to thank everyone who turned up for whatever part of it they turned up for, It's definitely the best birthday celebration I've had for quite some time!

In other news, it's my actual birthday today. 26 years of consecutive life! Hooray!
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So, a few months ago I started advertising for housemates, and more recently I actually acquired a stable set of housemates and began searching for somewhere new to live.

So this weekend, me and [ profile] metal_dog were running (or cycling as the case may be) around various bits of melbourne househunting. Yesterday and today we were clamouring about to send documents to real estate agents.

About an hour or so ago, I was informed that we'd picked up a nice little 3 bedroom apartment in St Kilda East, just off Carlisle St. For cheap.

When things move, they move fast!
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So, there's a simple song, "Stand By Me", a classic. A million and one covers exist of the song, of varying degrees. But what about a cover that spans musicians from all around the world, from the Americas, to Europe, to Africa? The concept is not just awesome, but results in a really nice cover of the song!

Apparently I can't embed the video for some reason, so the link is here!
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On Sunday I had my big Birthday party at Alma Park, and it was indeed awesome. The start of the party had me a bit worried about the cloud cover, but it cleared up nicely.

I had lots of fun with lots of people, ate lots of food and had big, ginormous cake of DOOM! I'm glad I picked the playground I did, because everyone got right into the spirit of things, jumping up and down on the play equipment, running around like giddy kids. I even gave [ profile] metal_dog a high-speed piggy back! We had a lot of people regress back to children, and I for one enjoyed it immensely!

Alas, the high-speed piggy-back failed big-time, as I lost balance and went careening into the ground, and sprained my arm. Ouch. Meant I had my arm in a sling for the rest of the party, and while it didn't stop me from enjoying everyone's company, I was very annoyed at the fact that I hadn't managed to play on the flying fox before I was injured. Yes, that's the thing that annoyed me most. Not the pain, not the fact that I'd rendered my arm functionally useless for any of it's real purposes, but the fact that I couldn't play on any of the playground equipment anymore. Figures.

Once the party finished (the fact that I was happy to wait until the end of the party just shows that it wasn't at all a big deal) we went to the Alfred Emergency to get the arm looked at, just to make sure that there was no major damage. Just as a brief note, Why has noone told me how awesome modern X-ray machines are these days? I watched the X-Ray machine fold out into it's little table, and I was just standing there, totally geeking out, and also a little terrified, in that way when you see big robots doing their stuff for the first time, so you don't quite know whether or not it's coming for you. Once it folded out I actually yelled out "THAT WAS AWESOME!". Because it was.

As you'd expect, the emergency people said "It's a sprain, use it as little as possible, it'll be fine in a couple of days, take bandages and sling." So, I've been hanging around [ profile] not_in_denial's place for the last couple of days, and he has been taking care of me. Which has brought a few feelings to the surface, which I'll probably post about later today, I think.

As a few people have pointed out "It's the sign of a great party when there's a trip to Emergency afterwards!" - Which I'm not sure I agree with, but it was a hell of an awesome party!

In other unrelated news, I apparently won the Dreamwidth OpenID lottery, and I now have a Dreamwidth account. I was actually planning on paying for one a month or two after open beta, once it shook down a little, but I'm happy to play around with it now. When I'm able, I'll probably import everything from my LJ over there, and start anew, and just crosspost from dreamwidth instead, since I'm liking how it's shaping up. It's looking quite good, all things considered.
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So, I had a problem. In my never-ending quest to link every social account I have on the internet, I wanted to start publishing my public LJ entries to my Facebook notes. This is simple enough, Facebook gives you what you need to do it (either through RSS or some other LJ voodoo), it's not really difficult at all.

But, as many readers have noted, I don't actually end up with a lot of entries typically. Most of my entries are automagic Twitter digests. These digests are great for LJers who aren't on Twitter, but my Twitter updates already update direct to my Facebook status. So there is really no need for all those digests to get sucked onto my Facebook notes. But LJ's syndication feeds are very low-tech - there's no way to filter it out on LJ's end.

That's when I remembered that a while ago someone had told me about a great little website called Yahoo! Pipes. What Pipes lets you do is take an RSS feed (or a large number of them, for that matter), do almost anything you like with them (filter, union, count, add dates, etc), and then output a new feed that does whatever it is you wanted to do with it, with a neat graphical interface with lots of dragging and connecting which means you don't even have to code a thing. Spiffy, and exactly what I needed!

So, what ended up happening was I made myself a new feed, with all the Twitter Updates sucked out of it, which I could then feed into Facebook's Feed import feature. So, people on Facebook get to look at my LJ posts without having to sort through all the Twitter digests.

The linking of every damn one of my social accounts on the internet now continues apace.
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My parents just gave me a car.

No, seriously. My mum recently purchased a very spiffy new car, and so they've decided to give me her old one. I picked it up tonight. I now officially have my very own car, and I find this supremely awesome. As you might expect, I am extremely happy about this state of affairs. The only catch is that I have to be able to pay the rego and insurance by the end of the year. I consider this a fair trade-off, personally.

I also got to see my uncles today while I was over there, which was great. I don't get to see my Adelaide relatives that often these days, so it's nice to see them when they come over.


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